Välkommen till Montreal, Mikael!

Yesterday, the Habs apparently signed their first free agent of the summer. Wooo!

Mikael Johansson signed a 1 year 2-way contract with Montreal, announced RDS and Hi/o. That’s cool. We didn’t have any Swedish guy in Montreal. He was apparently drafted in 2003 by Detroit, but they didn’t sign him. Then he seems to have had a pretty good season in Sweden this year.

I’m talking about this just because I’m a little angry to see how the poor guy was immediately torn apart in the comments left on RDS and Hi/o, because he’s probably just another soft and undersized Euro. Jeez.

He’s 5’10” and weighs 182 lbs. (I’m always confused by those stupid non metric figures by the way. I just found an online calculator that told me it’s 1m77 and 82,5kgs. Now that makes sense!) Yeah, that’s not Hulk. But why rip him for being soft and European? Seriously, no one saw him play yet, he’s never set foot in Montreal, and people are already ripping Gainey because Johansson is obviously going to get killed by guys like Lucic.

By the way, am I the only one getting tired by the inferiority complex developped by habs fans and Montreal media  regarding Lucic? Seriously, could we stop fearing Looch for a change? I know he’s young and awesome, I know everyone likes to hate him in Montreal, and I know he has badly beaten Komi and seemingly seriously undermined his confidence this season. But why has he become a sort of cult character like that, and the main point of attention for everyone? I don’t think he’s really the only or even the main reason why the Bruins had such a great reason, even if he contributed to their success.

Anyway, back to Mikael Johansson. I officially welcome you to Montreal/Hamilton, Mik. I don’t even know you, and you may not even make the team, but I like you. Anyone called a soft Euro (especially by people who haven’t seen him play) gets good points in my book. Välkommen till Montreal!

Now at least you have seen him!

Note: the only thing that disappoints me, Mikael, is your name. Johansson. I think it seriously lacks a few å, ä or ö letters.


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