Predictions contest: after 2 rounds…

chara hurricanes

Hurricanes are sometimes powerful enough to move very heavy objects.

After a wild second round, it’s time to recap the scores.

For this round, picking the series winner was worth 7 points, and guessing the lenght of the series was worth an additional 5 points.

EP Bruins in 5 0 Shan Bruins in 7 0
Caps in 7 0 Caps in 7 0
Wings in 6 7 Ducks in 7 0
Canucks in 7 0 Canucks in 7 0
Round 2 7 Round 2 0
total 37 total 40
~~~~ ~~~~
Patty Canes in 7 12 Grrrreg Bruins in 6 0
Pens in 6 7 Pens in 7 12
Wings in 5 7 Ducks in 7 0
Hawks in 7 7 Canucks in 6 0
Round 2 33 Round 2 12
total 53 total 62
Pookie Bruins in 7 0
Pens in 6 7
Wings in 5 7
Canucks in 5 0
Round 2 14
total 54

With 33 points, Patty is the big winner of round 2. Congrats, that Hurricanes in 7 prediction was brilliant! Shan could really have scored big points if the the various games 7 had gone his way, but in the end, he lost ground on everyone… And EP, it’s time to wake up! ;)

I’m waiting for your round 3 predictions. This time, picking a series winner is worth 10 points, and guessing the correct lenght of each series will earn you 5 more points, as usual. Good luck!


Speaking about predictions, tomorrow night is one of the most exciting nights of the year. It’s the Eurovision song contest! WOOOOOOOOOOO! I just can’t wait. Obscure singers from Ukraine, Turkey, Estonia, Albania or Bulgaria competing for the trophy, terribly kitsch songs (often sung in the language of the singers), improbable costumes and hairdos, crazy dance moves, and a lot of suspense. Europe at its finest. This is just the best thing ever invented. I promise I’ll do a recap afterwards.

But let it be said right now: France is NOT winning this thing. They sent Patricia Kaas, in the hope that a famous singer  (famous in some European countries, that is) could get more votes. There is no chance this will work. The last winners have been either singers from former communist countries, or singers with a crazy concept (like the unforgettable Lordi from Finland) Kaas will sing a boring and unoriginal ballad, which sorely lacks humor. The French people selecting her apparently really didn’t get the spirit of the Eurovision contest. I’d actually be glad if Patricia Kaas fails, because I feel it’s way more fun to send someone nobody knows than an established star.

Anyway, I can’t leave you without reposting the video of my favourite entry from last year: Latvia. They didn’t win, but it’s a shame because to me, this is EXACTLY what Eurovision is all about:

With a hi hi ho and a hi hi hey!

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