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It’s tough for me to watch the rest of the playoffs. Not because I don’t care now that my team is not there anymore. Just because it’s way harder to consider it worthwhile to stay awake until the middle of the night for teams I don’t really like. Especially since the only teams left that I really like are from the West, and they play even later in the night. I love playoffs hockey, but that’s just not worth he effort. So I’m stuck with the awfully short and really frustrating highlights recaps.

But what are those teams that I like?


In the East, there are not many teams that I really feel like rooting for. It’s clearly more about which teams I’m rooting against. Here is the order of my HATE list:

  1. The Bruins, obviously.
  2. The Penguins. There’s just something that irks me so much about them, and I don’t even know what it is. It’s not Crosby, because I don’t really have anything agaisnt him. He’s a pretty unbelievable player, and I find it kind of stupid when people let their hate for him blind them so much that they can’t even appreciate him. I mean, I wasn’t around when Gretzky or Lemieux played, and I kinda feel that I missed something amazing. Therefore, I just want to simply  enjoy watching Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin being awesome. BUT, overall, I don’t like the Pens this season. Maybe they can win me back next year, but I think the process has to start with a playoffs devastating loss.
  3. The Rangers. I’m not really hateful about the Rangers. I just don’t really like them, and well, of course, there’s  always Avery. (Even if  I have to admit he’s pretty entertaining!)
  4. The Canes. I usually really dislike them, but not so much this season. I think I like Cam Ward. But I strongly disapprove of their logo and jerseys. And that’s enough for me to wish them a quick death.
  5. The Devils. I’ve never been a fan, but they’re growing on me, notably because I read IPB every single day. The subtle propaganda of Pookie and Schnookie is slowly working on me I think.
  6. The Caps. The only two things I dislike about them are their obnoxious goal horn and sirens, and Theodore. That’s not much, especially since Theodore isn’t even playing anymore. Also, I’m in the Ovie- is-cool camp.

So tonight, I want the Devils and the Caps to win. I don’t think I could accept a Final Four of douchiness in the East with only teams I dislike. Please.

In the West, things are a little clearer. There are two teams that I like, and two teams that I dislike. The problem is, the two teams I’m rooting for will play each other in the next round… Anyway, here is my LOVE list:

  1. Chicago. Back in January, I already made it clear here that I love the Hawks, and that it’s more than a temporary secondary team.
  2. The Canucks. This is the typical bandwagon stuff here. I’m not sure my love with them will carry on next year, but so far, I enjoy their success very much. I must say that here again, there is a blog that changed my views about them: reading the Humming Giraffe this season has been a delight. It was really refreshing to see Alix brimming with love for her Canucks, while we habs fans were going through the habs collapse.
  3. The Ducks. I was rooting for the Sharks, so I’m not really happy to see them here. The only things I like about them: Their goal horn and George Parros.
  4. The Wings. I’m not hating them with the same intensity than previously. But among the 4 remaining western teams, they’re dead last in my Love list. They’ve been far too good for way too long now. (I like Datsyuk, but that’s pretty much it.)

So I want the Chicago/Vancouver series to be awesome and last 7 games. Whoever wins that one will be the team I’m rooting for in the Conference Finals. This should motivate you, Cancks and Blackhawks! And I might start to appreciate the Ducks a little bit if they don’t fold quickly and pull a second upset.

Of course, this only reflects how I feel right now. My preferences could change for completely silly reasons in the near future.

So, dear readers, what are your secondary team(s) now that the habs are done? And most importantly, what silly/random/irrational reasons drove you to pick them?

UPDATE: Hey I just realized this was my 100th post here! Woo Hoo!! Let’s throw a little party! Everyone’s invited!


Of course you can bring your Tiger costume, if it pleases you!


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