So far so good…


Game 1/ Montreal 2-4 Boston


slap2Game 2 / Montreal 1-5 Boston

So far so good… I just can’t wait for Game 3.

It wasn’t supposed to be easy, but it’s really harder than I thought it would be. I entered the playoffs with a light mood. My attitude was: “nothing can really go wrong. Nobody expects the habs to win this, so they can’t really disappoint anyone, they can just do better than expected. And if they don’t, that shouldn’t hurt too much.”

I was wrong. I underestimated how much I hate the Bruins, and how much it’s enraging to see them beat the habs like that. Especially when the habs don’t play hard, like yesterday. The first game wasn’t completely embarrassing, but Game 2 was much worse. It was really sad to see them start the game well, only to completely fold after the Bruins scored a PP goal. If only they had lost in an encouraging way (like in OT, or after a hard fought battle), we could hope for two really interesting games in Montreal. But Game 2 didn’t give many reasons to hope for that kind of turnaround. It’s still possible, but it looks less and less likely. The habs didn’t achieve what was probably their main goal for those two games in Boston: make the Bruins doubt a little bit. They also failed to gain confidence that they can seriously challenge Boston every night.

Of course, the rivalry between those two teams, and the way the bruins and their fans seem to enjoy finally dominating the habs in a playoffs series doesn’t exactly make it easier to swallow.  The whining of some Bruins fans about how the habs are dirty doesn’t really help either. The elbowing attempt by Kostopoulos in Game 1 was shameful. Lapierre shoving Kessel after his empty netter was a stupid display of frustration. But the “controversy” about Komisarek trying to gouge the eyes of Hunwick is a complete joke (I’m sorry about his spleen problems by the way, that’s not something I’d wish to anyone) . I hate how people are bitching about how the habs are cowards, how they can’t stand for themselves, how they are cheap shots artists and how the poor Bruins are their innocent victims. Komisarek is a weasel and Lucic is a hero. Yeah, right, we got it. We saw that yesterday. That nice little cross-check in the face of Lapierre, in the last minutes of a 5-1 game was clearly the epitome of class and fair play. I’m not saying the Habs are angels, I’m saying the Bruins can hardly claim moral high ground here.

Anyway, this series has been a pain in the ass so far. I wish the habs would have busted their little asses in that last game of the season to get that 7th seed and try to play the caps…

I’m aware that was a rather sad post. So here is a completely unrelated stupid video to put a smile back on your face.

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