The mother of all contests

Welcome to the first Soft European Playoffs Predictions Contest!


The Glorious (virtual) plastic trophy

I wanted to start something like that to have a little fun during the playoffs, and to stay interested even if *gasp* the habs were eliminated before the Stanley Cup Finals. And I started discussing this with EP, who encouraged me to do this. So you’re invited to join the party. The prize is virtual accolades and admiration from your peers, and also this wonderful virtual plastic star, that you will be able to proudly rock on your computer desktop!

Here is how it works:

Pick one winner for each series of the first round. And tell me how many games each series will last. Then we’ll do the same for each round, until the Finals. See that’s simple!

If you pick the correct winner for a series, you will get 5 points for the 1st round, 7 for the 2nd round, 10 for the Conference Championships round, and 15 for the Stanley Cup Finals. If you correctly pick the winner of the series, AND you have correctly picked how many games the series will go, you will get an extra 5 points.

There are also bonus points for “riding” a team from the first round to the Finals. In the Cup Finals, if you correctly pick the Stanley Cup Champion, and you had picked that team to win EACH previous round, you will get a bonus of 10 points. That’s to reward those who never lost faith in the future winner.

And finally, to spice things up a bit and give a last chance to those who were not lucky with their picks, there are 3 Super Bonus Crapshoot Questions, that have to be answered before the start of the playoffs. Each question is worth 4 points.

  1. Who will win the Conn Smythe Trophy?
  2. How many goals are gonna be scored in the cup clinching game (OT included)?
  3. What color will be the psychedelic suit worn by Don Cherry for “Coach’s Corner” during the first game of the Finals? (we’ll take the dominant color, if it’s recognizable. If there are no words to describe the color of the suit, we’ll have to cancel the question…)

don4Oooh that’s tricky

So, the maximum number of points is 80 pts for the first round, 48 for the second round, 30 for the Conference championships round, and 30 for the Finals (if you got the 10 pts for riding the same team). Plus 12 pts for the bonus questions. That’s a grand total of 200 points. Ain’t that beautiful?

If you want to join the fun, just send me your predictions for the first round (winners and # of games of each series), and your answers to the 3 Bonus Questions via email (the address is in the sidebar) before the drop of the puck of the first playoffs games, this Wednesday. I won’t accept new participants after the first round, unless we’re really not many people, because I don’t want this to take all my time! And if you take part in this, don’t forget to come back between each round to send me your predictions for the next round (or else, you’ll lose miserably).

If we’re not too many, I’ll post everyone’s predictions after the first playoffs night. Good luck!

Oh, and a last word: if you want to play in a less amateurish tournament, possibly win real prizes, and most of all, contribute to a nice cause, immediately go to the Pensblog. They have set up a great predictions contest, and their goal is to raise 10 066$ for the Mario Lemieux Foundation. Now that’s classy.


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