Optimism will save us all

Bring on the delusional rosy glasses, we f***ing need ’em!


*puts the glasses on*

Allriiiight. I already feel better.

Whooppee! We won’t face Martin Brodeur and the Devils in the playoffs! Life is beautiful, Bob’s secret grand plan worked perfectly! Tralala! Suck it stupid Penguins, you can keep that 6th seed, we don’t want it! Ah ah ah!

And even better, we’re still in the race! Yippee! We ONLY need to get one little point to get in! Ah ah ah, that’s great, we can clinch in Boston! I can already hear the ole oles in their building! Take that, Boston! That’s gonna be a piece of cake.

Well, uh, or maybe we can clinch at home, for the… last game. You know, against… the Penguins. I guess that would be fun too. Wooo.

Uh… Hum, well…


*throws away the glasses and gets some booze*


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