I’m laaaaazy


I’m sorry. I know I should write much more often these days, because the habs seem to play almost every single night, and those are the most crucial games of the season. But I feel completely lazy, and rather uninspired. I know it’s lame, but I’m just being honest here! I have decided to simply enjoy the ride. The habs are playing good hockey. They have a good chance to make the playoffs. I’m not sure this is the time to overanalyze everything. Or at least, I don’t feel like it.

But let’s speak a bit about this last week of the season. The last 3 days have not been good for the habs. The losses of Schneider AND Markov, at this point of the season really sucks. I was not really expecting a win yesterday, because I felt the team was likely to be a bit shaked by the bad news. It’s sad they couldn’t get at least a point, but that’s okay. This was the game they had in hand on the pens, the rangers and the panthers. With 3 games to go, including one versus the rangers, and one versus the pens, the hab are fully in control of their destiny.

I expect them to make the playofs, hopefully with the 7th seed. I’d rather see the caps than the bruins or the devils in the first round. Not that it would be easier, but I’d just be more excited. I don’t want to face the bruins right now, especially without Markov and Schneider. I never want to face the devils. So a series with Ovie sounds more fun. Also, a series with Theodore returning to Montreal to face the habs has a lot of comedic potential.

monty-python-godOne of the Hockey Gods: “Hmmm, what did you just say, Grrrreg?”


Dear Hockey Gods,

Please note that I am NOT picking my favorite playoffs opponent here, an attitude that I know very well You frown upon. I am merely expressing my hope to see Montreal play a certain team, because they’re fun to watch, not because I’m a cocky habs fan that needs to be punished for his arrogance. I am therefore praying You not to punish the habs for this. (Well, You have already been pretty harsh with them anyway, but still, please don’t make it even worse!)

Yours faithfully,


PS. If You want to cruelly punish a certain team from NY which hired back a certain agitator whose name rhymes with “Sean Every”, I’m totally fine with that. Just sayin’

*bows down*

monty-python-godHmmm, yeah… we’ll see. But keep on bowing down.


Oh, and I’m late on this, but our now top 2 defenseman Josh Gorges scored against Toronto, so the pic of Curious Gorges returns!


Now bring on the Rangers!


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