Hello Cristo


Oh no, not the pajamas again!

I’m a little bit nervous about tonight’s game. The Blackhawks are a good team, they were shutout by the canucks in their last game and they need points to keep the home ice advantage in the playoffs. So  they should play hard tonight. Also, Huet will play his first game in Montreal since he was traded last year. So you know he’ll be motivated. And the pajamas jerseys are back. That’s a lot to overcome for the habs!

I sincerely hope Huet won’t be booed tonight, but I know that’s unlikely. The crowd booed Souray, they booed Rivet, and they booed Streit when they came back. So there’s no pity for former habs at the bell center, no matter how good they were in Montreal, and no matter how classy they are (go read the FHF’s rant about that stupid trend here, if you haven’t already).

I love Cristobal. Not because he’s French (although that’s definitely a bonus), but because he is my kind of player. Low-key, very good, and really classy. And I loved how he continually had to beat the odds and prove the skeptics wrong. He arrived in Montreal as a backup to Theodore. He took over the #1 spot after Theo faltered and was shipped to Colorado. He was the main reason why the habs made the playoffs that season. But then, he had to compete with Aebischer for the starting job. He also won that battle, but got injured. And finally, last season, he started as the #1, but had to let an increasing space to Carey, and eventually, he was dealt to Washington. There, he played tremendously.

When he left, I was shocked, and really really disappointed. It was the first time the habs traded away one of my very favorite players, and it was tough to swallow. Carey Price himself seemed shocked, as the two seemed to really get along well. To me, this is the definitive proof that Huet is a great teammate. Price was obviously excited, because it was a great sign of confidence from Gainey. But he seemed genuinely sad to see Cristo leave.

This past summer, I was really excited when he signed in Chicago. As I’ve said before, I’ve always liked the Hawks. So it was a pleasant surprise for me to see one of my favorite guys end up in a team that I like, and a team that looked promising. His season has been a bit difficult, because the Hawks decided to also keep Khabibulin (who’s doing a great job, no question about that), and so once again, Huet hasn’t been the clear-cut n°1 goalie of his team. But Khabibulin will be a free agent this summer, so there’s hope Cristo will finally get his chance to be an undisputed sarting goalie.

Anyway Cristo, don’t listen to the crowd tonight. Or just pretend those boos are shades of the old “Huuuuet, Huuuet , Huuuet!” that resonated in the Bell Center not so long ago.


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