Komi’s back! (hopefully)


I made this thing last season, but I just needed a good game from Komisarek to post it here. After several weeks of waiting, it finally happened! Yes!

Komisarek has been one of the most disappointing habs this season. After he came back from his shoulder injury, he never looked like the player he was last season. Gone were the shots blocks and his trademark crushing bodychecks. He also looked nervous or hesitant with the puck. People speculated that he was playing injured, but he denied it. He almost had to watch the game against Toronto from the press gallery, but Gainey eventually decided to let him play, after the two had a discussion about Komi’s play. Things looked way better for Mike last night. This is obviously great news for the habs. If Komi finds his game back, the habs will be a much more effective defensive team. Komisarek is one of the leaders of the team, and is often thought of as a potential captain after Koivu leaves or retires. Montreal really needs him.

The habs played a nice little game yesterday, and that was really enjoyable, after the last few weeks. It’s too early to say if this win is a turning point and if I will soon look like a complete idiot because I gave up too soon on the season. But I’d sure be really happy to look stupid in 9 games!


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