Spring fever

Allright, I’ve decided that it was better to write something, anything, in order to rid the blog front page of this sad tombstone. So here is a completely random post… about nothing!


I think it’s better to write about something positive today.

Birds are singing melodiously, the sun is shining like crazy, the sky is blue, and there are absolutely no clouds today. Flowers are blooming. People are on strike everywhere, and universities are on the verge of rioting. Aaaaah, the beautiful sight of barricades being built, Oh the excitment of a police charge! I love Spring in Paris…

There is definitely something in the air (most likely tear gas). Something poetic. Something madly romantic.

I can see it everywhere. Even in hockey. Just look at those pictures.

Ducks Islanders HockeyHey, let’s make a ballet!

rangers-springFlowers! Who wants some flowers? Me! Meee!! Here!

83387868JM013_ANAHEIM_DUCKSWho said I couldn’t skate with grace?

spring-1Wooooo, those roses smell so good, and my teeth are so bright!

amourOooh, I love you with so much PASSION!!


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