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I think that sums it up…

When it comes to sports, I”m usually optimistic, and sometimes even delusional. But these days, it’s really hard to remain hopeful about the habs season. I only watched half of yesterday’s game, and it wasn’t pretty.

Yes, the refs were bad. But I think it’s a stretch to blame them for the loss. The habs are losing games that they should be winning. You can’t lose against the sens, the isles, or the rangers when you’re supposed to be fighting for a playoff spot. Not this late into the season. I’m slowly coming to the realization that the habs may very well miss the postseason.

  • I hate to pile on Carey Price, but he was not good enough yesterday. Yes, he stopped breakaway chances, and he certainly didn’t get a lot of help from his defense, but he had a bad night.
  • The defense looks awful. I love him, but Komisarek is painful to watch (for the record, I still think Bob should re-sign him as soon as possible. He’s having a terrible season, but let’s not forget how good he can be)
  • The PP is pathetic.
  • Kostitsyn plays like shit, especially when he’s on the same line as Kovy.
  • They’re losing too many faceoffs.
  • Once again, the best line was Lapierre-Kostopoulos-Latendresse. By far. It’s cool that they’re playing good, but it’s sad that they’re the only ones doing so…
  • They can’t built any kind of momentum. Every time they scored last night (except the 4th goal), the Sens scored back in the next minute or so.

Beyond this season I’m starting to seriously worry that Bob will leave if the team doesn’t make the playoffs. If this happens, I think it would be a huge blow to the franchise. I don’t even want to think about it…

Boy, this post sucks, I’m sorry to sound so depressing. Usually, I let Mike Boone write the gloomy columns at HI/O after the habs lose, and I try to be funny or to speak about something else here, so that people are not inspired to slice their wrists after reading my blog. But the habs are really not helping me today…


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