Dr. Gainey and Mr. Bob

Sooo, what’s happening to the habs these days? Well, they lose, they lose and they lose. They get badly outshot every night, and the defense is seriously awful. But, apparently, all is not lost. They came back three times against the rangers last night, and never gave up (yeah, it’s not exactly a good sign the rangers were able to take the lead 3 times at the bell center, but shut up, I’m trying to be positive here!). Also, Price was great, once again. He is turning back into the goalie everyone wants him to be, and this is crucial for the habs.

I don’t really know what to think, to be honest. The habs are still in the hunt, and their play is apparently improving, so I guess there’s still hope. But at the same time, they haven’t been able to get many points during this important stretch of home games. So far, Gainey is 1-1-2 as a coach. This is not a good enough pace. If they want to make the playoffs, and make some noise there, they’d better get some points now. Because if they have to face the bruins or the devils in the first round, the postseason could be short and ugly.


So anyway, instead of focusing too much on the habs results, let’s speak about something else for a while: Gainey’s split personality problems.

dr-gainey-mr-bobAt night, the good GM Gainey secretly turns into evil coach Bob

Few people seem to have noticed the dangerous transformation of our good old friend Bob Gainey over the last few days. Since Guy Carbonneau was fired, Bob Gainey took charge of the team, in addition of his GM duties.  Those two jobs are obviously very demanding, and this got me wondering how Bob would cope with this extra pressure. As you know, I’m assisted by a team of devoted scientists, using the most cutting edge technology to analyze hockey. The Soft European research team, always attentive to small details, worked on the tapes of the most recent press conferences given by Gainey.  A careful frame by frame examination of these tapes brought a very worrying phenomenon to our attention. I’m afraid Bob Gainey is in the process of splitting into two completely different persons.

comparaison-1Exhibit A

GM Gainey: “hockey is a mind game”. Coach Bob: “what’s wrong? who’s talking inside my head?! Stop it!”

comparaison-2Exhibit B

GM Gainey: “Unfortunately for us, the Devils forechecking system was really efficient tonight.” Coach Bob: “Devils, what Devils? I AM the Devil! Why are you staring at me like that?! Stop it, or I’ll jump you!!”

As you can see, this is a very unusual, and pretty difficult situation. His double occupation is slowly taking its toll on Bob’s personality, and I think he should REALLY consider hiring a coach at the end of this season, because I’m afraid he will go nuts at some point if this carries on for too long!

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