Let the “fun” begin

habs-vs-oilers-16preview1Gainey = wild wild wild

This picture says it all about the new attitude behind the bench. Gainey sure doesn’t look like the funniest guy around, but he has an aura that makes him respected by everyone.

The habs barely escaped yesterday’s game with the 2 points. The second period was apparently awful. But they won. And so they started this so important home games stretch with a win, which is nice.

Gainey made some changes from what we were used to see. He reunited Markov and Komi, he tweaked the offensive lines a bit, and he scratched Pacioretty and Brisebois. (Poor Patrice remains stuck at the 999 nhl games mark so far…)

Like anyone else, at this point I’m in a wait and see mode. It’s too soon to say what impact the firing of Carbo will have on the team.gainey-droopy

I’m happy

About Carbo, I made peace with his firing. It’s sad he couldn’t finish the season with Montreal, but that’s hockey I guess. I think he’s still a young coach, and he’s still learning the ins and outs of the job. He already greatly improved since his arrival, but he appeared a bit lost while the team went through this awful slump, and I think Gainey felt he couldn’t afford to wait for Carbo to slowly turn into a really good coach. I’ll wish him the best.

For an homage to Carbo, go to this site from a Dallas fan. It’s a really nice place, with great stories about Carbo’s play during the 99′ and 2000 stars playoffs runs, and lots and lots of info about Guy.

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