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I just came back from my trip to Brussels. It was awesome, I REALLY loved this place. Brussels may not be as beautiful as Amsterdam, but it has a lot of character. It’s charmingly old, decrepit and quirkily welcoming. This is my kind of city. It may not be as sexy or glamorous as Paris, but it’s way more welcoming I think. The beer is insanely cheap, the fries and chocolates are awesome, and above all, the people seem really nice and WAY simpler and warmer than in Paris.


Une matinée au marché aux puces


Une bière chez Marcel


While I was away, the habs mightily sucked again.

Apparently, Bob Gainey was somehow led to believe the trade deadline was friday. It must have been quite a shock for him when he called Florida to ask about Bouwmeester thursday morning.

Then, Montreal lost badly to Buffalo, a direct opponent in the playoffs race. And finally, they were shutout by the freaking Thrashers. A lot of fans apparently want to see Carbonneau fired. I don’t. Firing the coach seems to have worked well for the pens, but I like Carbo, and I want him to finish the season behind the bench.  I’ve said it before, but I’m irrationally conservative when it comes to decide wether a coach should be fired or not.

Today, the habs play a VERY important game in Dallas. It’s the last road game before this long stretch of home games (after Dallas, 9 out of the next 10 games will be played in Montreal). This series of games will decide if the habs make the playoffs or not, and how high they’ll end up in the standings. As an incurable optimist, I believe the habs will make it, and finish around the 6th seed.

By the way, we’re right in the midst of the playoffs race, so of course, I’m rooting for the habs to win their games, and for their direct opponents to lose precious points. But I also have chosen who I’d like to make the playoffs in the East. These are not predictions, but simply my sentimental picks:

– First of all, the Panthers. I’ve been in the Panthers bandwagon for about a month now, and I’d really love to see them in the playoffs. Their fans deserve it after all those awful seasons, and because of the relentless bashing they have to endure for being from the south.

– Then, I’d like to see the Sabres make it. Reading Sabres blogs really made me sympathetic to their team, and it’s a team that I generally enjoy to watch.

– Then, for the last spot, I have a bit of a hard time choosing between the Rangers, the Penguins and the Hurricanes. I don’t really like any of them. I loved the Penguins last season, notably because of their exciting play, and because of the Pensblog. But this season, they somehow irk me a lot (I think it actually started during the Cup finals last season). This is not about Crosby. He’s not my favourite player, but I don’t give a damn about his attitude. It’s just that overall, I find the Penguins really annoying this season. I don’t enjoy reading the Pensblog as much as I did last year and don’t ask me why, but I’d like the Pens to miss the playoffs this year. This leaves me with the Rangers and the Hurricanes. I think I’ll go with the Rangers, by default. It’d be funny to see them crash and burn against the Bruins or the Caps in the first round.

In the West, I’d like to see the Blue Jackets in the playoffs, for roughly the same reasons than the Panthers. The Stars, too, because they have nice bloggers, and because I like some of their players (Begin and Eriksson, notably). Other than that, I think the Canucks will make it, which is fine because I like them too. For the last spot, I’m rooting for an unlikely Saint Louis push. I love the blue note. I think the Blues will be way better next season, but it’d be cool if they could get a little bit of playoff fun this year already (and for a more reasonable pick, if it’s between Edmonton and the Preds, I’ll go with the Oilers).

I may post something else today, so stay tuned!


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