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Because of some personal issues and a very busy work week, I probably won’t have time to write anything here for the next few days.

Looking at the habs schedule, things are pretty clear. The Canadiens enter a 6 games stretch that is really important. It is important because the win against the sens confirms that the team is playing better. The habs are not yet out of their slump. They still have to play better defensively (hello Mike Komisarek), and their confidence is still fragile. But they’ve shown they are improving in various aspects: the PP is menacing again, Halak plays well, and Kovalev, Kostitsyn, Higgins and Pekanec, who all went through difficult times for very different reasons, are showing great signs of recovery. Also, Tanguay could be back in the near future.

During those 6 games, the habs have to keep on improving gradually. They have to fully rebuild their confidence. And they have to show that their slump is over. If they can do that (and get some points in the standings at the same time), Montreal is gonna be in good position. Because right after those games, the habs will play 9 of their next 10 games at home. If they start this sequence with the right momentum, I could very well see them getting on a roll.

It starts tonight against the canucks. The habs better be ready and willing to skate and play hard.


Youppi! scares the shit out of Johnny Canuck

See you soon (hopefully)!


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