Exclusive! The Tip of the Iceberg!

The “tip of the Iceberg” has become the new catchphrase in Montreal these days. Kovalev alledgedly used the expression in his declarations to a Russian friend, and now, after the “scoop” from La Presse yesterday, everyone is speaking about this famous tip of the iceberg. What is it? How big is it really? Is there more to come?

Well, you didn’t think the Soft European would let you down, did you?

I just happen to have an insider source, the brother of a friend who knows the wife of the hairdresser of the cab driver of a source that is intimately close to the so-called ‘iceberg’. And today, I decided to drop the bomb. The fans have the right to know.

Here is the actual tip of the iceberg:


The iceberg is a very wise person.

Well, thank you Mr Iceberg, this was really helpful! I really hope the habs will listen to you. One thing is sure, though: we’ll definitely come back to you if the habs run into other problems along the course of this season.


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