Rumors? what rumors?

I don’t run a rumors blog. I do write some bullshit, and post stupid photoshops about the habs, but there’s obviously a difference between posting a picture like this a few months ago…


…and spreading rumors about the habs private lives. Therefore, I won’t write too much about the habs current scandals rumors (unless I have an opportunity to make a good joke or a nice photoshop, of course) until things get clearer about what is true and what is not. The media were all freaking out yesterday night about something huge. But so far, I don’t think the story published this morning by La Presse is that big of a deal. So either there’s something else we don’t know yet, or it’s just another Montreal media epic fail. I have no idea, and I won’t speculate.


About the game, now. I haven’t seen it, but apparently it was not all gloom and doom. I mean, the pens are desperate these days, and it was the first home game of their new coach, so it was obviously gonna be a very hard game, especially whith all the shit going on in Montreal. Once again, the habs did not quit. They came back from 1-0, 2-1, and 4-2 deficits, in the same game. This isn’t that bad. Plekanec and Kostitsyn are really playing good hockey right now. And Schneider continued to show he’s a good addition for the power play.

I’ve said it earlier, you can’t get out of a big slump just like that. It’s a frustrating process, but you need to focus on the small improvements. This team is still losing, but it’s improving. In a perfect world, they would come back home after this terrible road trip, Kovalev would start playing like a possessed man again, and the habs would finally start a winning streak.

Hey, come on, this could happen!



Oh, and a last word to welcome all the people coming from the pensblog today! I threatened the pensblog staff to send them photoshopped pictures of the pens stars in humiliating situations as long as they wouldn’t link to my blog. To show them I wasn’t kidding, I sent this first one.


I’m glad it worked. I mean, what’s more humiliating than a flyers jersey, really?


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