A few things while the habs rest

First things first, Gainey traded for Schneider yesterday. I wasn’t around the first time Schneider played for Montreal, so to me, he’s like a brand new player. A 39 years old brand new player, that is. Some have said the habs overpaid for Schneider. I don’t think so. Habs gave up a 2nd and a 3rd rounder to Atlanta. In exchange, they got Schneider and a conditional pick (3rd to 5th round, depending on how far Montreal goes into the playoffs). I’m not an nhl scout, so to me, after the 2nd round picks, the draft really becomes a question of luck. Thus, I feel like the 3rd round pick Montreal gave up and the Thrashers conditional picks kind of cancel themselves out. Basically, the habs got Schneider for a 2nd rounder. I don’t think it’s that bad for a veteran defenceman, with the trade deadline approaching.

Honestly, I’m relieved we haven’t lost anybody with this move.



I didn’t bother doing a recap after the game in Vancouver. I just want to say I don’t think this is such a dramatic loss. Apparently, the habs played a relatively good third period. At this point, I think it’s about making small steps, and small improvements game after game. There’s no reason to believe the habs can simply turn things around just like that. This is going to be a frustrating process, but this is a process they have to go through. Just look at Vancouver by the way. Just a few games ago, they were absolutely free-falling. And now, they’ve won 5 of their last 6. It happens. And I’m sure it can happen to Montreal too.


And finally, a little word about the Spokane Chiefs. I recently visited the official website of  Wrap Around Curl‘s favourite boys. And something struck me about the header of their site.

Instead of this:

memorial-cup-bannerIt really should be something like this:


I know I’m something like 9 months late on this joke, but this blog wasn’t born 9 months ago. And I’m slow.


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