Jaro = Hero

I admit this is not an incredibly original photoshop here. But you know, I just had to do it. Friday 13th, Jason, Jaro, and a 46 saves performance that helps the team to finally win a game, well, there you go.

This was a difficult win, and the habs were on the verge of a crushing defeat after the Avalanche tied it. But right now, any win is a big deal. They have to built on this performance. The team is obviously still shaky. The defense is still… hmm… worrying. But they badly wanted this win, and this is all that matters. I know it’s stupid to say “the next game is gonna be huge” before every match, because it’s the part of the season when every game really matters, but well, the next game IS important. Things are pretty fragile right now, so another bad loss would erase the benefit of this win in Colorado.

Oh, and a last thing about yesterday:

Go fuck yourself Darcy Tucker.

(don’t forget to read what I wrote yesterday if you haven’t done so already, it took me quite some time to do that post, and I don’t want it to be buried right away)

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