I’m in a slump, too.


I don’t really feel like talking a lot about the habs these days. Here are just a few quick toughts.

– Sigh.

– This season increasingly feels like a Twilight Zone episode where I would have mysteriously been turned into a Senators fan in 2007-08. And it worries me a lot.

– God, where did I put those rosy glasses??

– Please, PLEASE, Bob, whatever you do, do not fire Carbonneau. In this kind of situation, I’m always completely conservative, and I never ever want to see the coach fired (this is one of the reasons I wouldn’t be a good GM. I would never be able to pull the plug on my coach. This, and the fact I never played hockey in my life are probably the two main reasons why no nhl team called me yet). I think Guy is a good coach. He still makes some mistakes, but he has really improved since he took over the team. He has a special relation to the GM. And most of all, I don’t think he’s the problem. I don’t think this team would recover if Gainey fires Guy. It would be sending the message that the season is lost.

– I can’t believe I still have faith in this team. And I don’t know if it makes me a good fan or a complete moron (and is it that different really?) I’m really not yet at the point where I want to see half the players traded.

– Writing about the Habs is not really fun these days. And I’m not inspired. There is probably a link between the bad results of the team and my lack of inspiration, but this is something I was not really expecting. When I began this blog, only a few months ago, I thought it would be easier to write when things are not going too well for the team, because it would provide me with more topics to discuss, and more occasions to have fun about the habs problems. But right now I just feel discouraged about the whole thing. Also, I’m not completely satisfied with the blog. I really like writing it, and looking for funny pictures or making photoshops, but as I feared, it takes me an awful lot of time, and yet I’m not really happy with the result. I often feel like I just write average stuff. To a certain degree, that’s okay, because I don’t have huge expectations and I’m just trying to have fun here, but it’s also frustrating at times.

February and March are going to be very busy months for me, you know,  in real life, so I think I’ll take this as an opportunity to concentrate a little less on hockey. I won’t stop posting, because as I said, I still really like writing here, but I just won’t feel compelled to write something on the days when I don’t feel inspired.  Then, I’ll have a fresher mind when the habs finally get out of their slump and win all of their games in April, to start the playoffs on a huge hot streak! :)


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