Bad plays and bad breaks

Bad play

Bad break (and awful camera work by TSN)

And a little bit of both… (This would have been really funny, if it hadn’t happened at the worst possible moment of the game)

And that’s a 3-2 loss in Buffalo.


Now, the Maple Leafs will visit Montreal tonight. It would be pretty smart to win that one. Because right after this, it’s a six-game, two-week road trip that will send the Habs to Calgary, Edmonton, Colorado, Vancouver, Washington and Pittsburgh. Is it necessary to remind you that the Canadiens have lost their 5 last road games? Uh oh…

Today, eveybody seems to be waiting for the announced fight between Sergei Kostitsyn and Grabovski. I’m certainly not looking forward to this. For obscure reasons, the two players are enemies since the beginning of the season. But this is reportedly a personal feud, that has nothing to do with the game. To me, this is just a distraction, and the team doesn’t need this right now.  I hope the Habs will be able to focus on their game, rather than on this nonsense. Last time the Habs focused on getting revenge on a player, it didn’t end well. It was back in november, against Boston, and everyone was waiting to see Laraque kill Lucic.  The fight didn’t happen, Lucic scored a goal, and the Bruins won the game.

Laraque made his return yesterday. I hope he’ll play, since his presence could deter Brad May from being too dirty this time.

I’m REALLY hoping for a 60 minutes effort and a win tonight. Anything else would seriously disappoint me.

vaiveI love this pic


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