Defending the All Star Game

I’m thrilled by the All Star Game.

But after reading some of the All Star weekend coverage around the Internet, here is apparently the kind of things I should write to be trendy:


“The All Star Game is a COMPLETE JOKE, it’s a meaningless game, and I couldn’t care less about it! The voting thing was an utter SCANDAL, because Gary Bettman is too moronic to see that stupid cheating fans in Montreal and Anaheim used scripts to send their players to the game. Komisarek is clearly not deserving to be an all star, and I’m OUTRAGED that Ovechkin isn’t in the starting lineup. But really, I don’t mind, because this is only a meaningless game. And now, Alex Kovalev is named captain of the eastern team? What?? Are you FREAKING kidding me? This must be a joke! Oh look, now all the good players are faking injuries to avoid going to the game! They should be ashamed, this is an INSULT to the fans. But hahaha! it’ll teach stupid Gary Bettman! Fortunately, this game is totally meaningless, so I really don’t care at all. Wait, what? there won’t be any red wings? Oh my god, this is such a travesty of an all star game! Dear Lord, Bettman dared to suspend Lidstrom and Datsyuk because they’re not coming! What a JERK! Ah Ah! Look at Crosby who’s going in Montreal just to please Gary fucking Bettman, boy I hate him, he’s such an ass-licking whiner! Now I hope my players won’t get injured in that joke of a MEANINGLESS game!”

There’s whining all over the place about anything related to the ASG, and I’m really fed up with this.

OF COURSE it’s a meaningless game, that’s the whole fucking point, people! This game is supposed to be a way for the nhl to thank the fans, to showcase the best talents in the league, and to make tons of money. And this is just what they do. That’s why when the best players refuse to go to the game, or have suspect day to day injuries just before the all star game, the league is pissed, and penalizes them. I don’t see anything wrong with this. Either Lidstrom and Datsyuk are really hurt, and they wouldn’t have played the next game anyway, in which case their sanction is void, or they are faking injuries to miss the all star game, and I think it’s normal for the league to take exception to this kind of thing.

I know Gary Bettman is a jerk, everyone agrees on this. But it would be nice if once in a while, people would actually stop bitching about any decision made by the nhl. The All Star Game is supposed to be a fun break during the season, a rare event where we have the opportunity to see the greatest players alive play together, something that is otherwise only possible on video games. So yes, I’m excited by the fact that maybe I’ll get to see Lecavalier, Malkin, Ovechkin, Kane, Thornton, Iginla, Bouwmeester, Chara, Boyle, Souray, Price and Luongo on the ice at the same time. ESPECIALLY for a meaningless game where nothing prevents them from being creative and having fun, in front of an excited crowd.

Well, to be fair, there’s one thing I think people should whine about: Simple Plan, a band who so cleverly titled their last album “No Pads, No Helmets…Just Balls”, will perform during the second intermission. They suck.


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