Trap, trap, trappity trap!


I’m just kidding, devils fans. You should embrace this proud tradition though, instead of defending yourselves everytime someone blames New Jersey for the death of hockey. Each team carries its own clichés. The red wings have the octopus, the panthers have the plastic rats, the senators have the unconfortably weird spartan playoff intro, the ducks have Pronger (ouch), the coyotes have the relocation rumors, the flyers have the goonery, the habs have the riots … uh the cups, and your devils have the glorious trap. And some cups, too, by the way. Honestly, it’s not that bad.

So, after a night where absolutely nothing happened in Atlanta, the habs  play their last game before the All Star weekend in Newark. From a habs point of view, this game will be interesting because it will mark the return of Koivu and Price. (What do you mean, Price played yesterday?? I told you nothing happened yesterday, there was no game to speak of.)

The question is, how does Carbo change his lines to make room for Koivu?

unbranded-discovery-world-chemistry-set-100-experiments-f-e-v-aDon’t mess with chemistry, Carbo…

Until last night, the habs had been pretty hot, without many supposedly key players. The team found an equilibrium, with the following lines:


Kostitsyn-Lang-Kostitsyn (a.k.a. the Titty Titty Gang Bang line. Brilliant.)



The only line I would disrupt right now is the 4th line. But can you really play Koivu on the 4th line? That’s tough. And it’s gonna be even more difficult when Higgins and Tanguay return. Well, I guess Carbonneau will have the opportunity to see how to deal with a lineup full of good players at the All Star game…

The game is also important for Montreal, of course, because the Devils are a direct rival in the Eastern Conference standings, and because it would be nice not to be left pondering for the next five days over two losses in a row…


Go Habs go!


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