Numbers don’t lie (because they can’t speak)

After last night win against the Caps (woooooooooo!), the Habs have played half of their regular season games.

You saw it coming: here is an assessment of the state of the Habs, midway through the regular season.

41 games, 56 pts, 25 W, 10 L, 6 OTL. 2nd in the division, 4th in the East. That’s not too shabby.

Habs are on pace for 112 pts, 8 more than the 104 points they got last season.They might not end up with the 1st seed this time though, if the Bruins continue to play like they do.

Don’t worry, dear reader, I won’t inflict you the boring numbers you can find everywhere else, like goals for and against, PK and PP success failure rate,  5 on 5 stats, and so on. That’s not what you came for. You came for little known facts, and much more intriguing analysis.

And that’s where the Soft European research team comes in handy.


They still look sharp in 2009

My wonderful little hockey scientists provided me with the following list of observations:

– Josh Gorges is on pace for 2 goals (that’s an increase of 2 from his total of last season).

– Max Pacioretty has taken 0,3% of the team faceoffs, and has a won them all. (I mean, uh, he won 100% of the 1 faceoff he took)

– Since he plays on the same team as Kovalev, Lang apparently believes he’s back in 2001.

– On October 25, Habs shot 51 times at Giguere (season high), and lost.

– On December 27, they shot 19 times at various Penguins goalies (season low), and won.

– Kostopoulos is on pace for a nice 0-54 fighting record, or so it seems.

– The habs currently have precisely 97,39% chance of making the playoffs.

– Carbonneau is on pace for coaching 82 games in a row this season.

– He’s also on pace for a record 876 lines combinations.

carbo-tableau“See Boys? We got to keep things simple!”

– Guillaume Latendresse was used for 1 second on the PK this season. Talk about increased responsibilities!

– And finally, here is the statistical category where habs are the class of the league. The habs are FIRST IN THE NHL for blocked shots at home, with 406. (Wooooooo!)

OK, well, thank you researchers… Uh, I guess this gives us a better idea of what this team is made of, and uh, where it’s heading.

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