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cap954Another outdoor game in Chicago

This post is  a little homage to the blackhawks. As I said in the moi, moi, moi page, for various reasons, I have a soft spot for the hawks.

Firstly, there’s this wonderful red jersey. It’s simply magnificent. I love the colors of the Indian head, and the classiness of the design. The peaceful and wise look of the character is perfect.

Then, there’s Wayne’s world, one of my favourite movies as a teenager. I know it’s stupid, but it still makes me laugh. So, seeing Wayne and Garth sporting this jersey was bound to have an impact on me.

And finally, this is a very lovable franchise. This is an original 6, with all the great tradition that comes with it, but arguably the least successful of them. This was an awful team when I began to really follow the nhl (without a favourite team at the time). And even better, they hate the red wings. To me, those features are incredibly likable. (The Rangers are the other not-so successful original 6 team, but they suck in a much less likable way I must say!)


What a place…

I can not fall in love with the best team in the league. When I began to follow hockey, the red wings were a juggernaut (yeah, they still are, I know…). It made it almost impossible for me to like them. Today, I feel much much less attracted to the pens than a year or so ago, when they were just an upcoming team. It’s just not satisfying enough to like a winning team. I know it sounds a bit masochistic, but I’ve always felt that as a fan (even as a casual fan), you have to suffer a bit to really feel sentimentally involved with a team.

Loving a losing team is somehow a good feeling. I’m only a casual fan of the hawks, so it was not too difficult to follow them through hard times. And it was even satisfying, because you knew it could just get better. I think it has to do with the satisfaction of feeling you’re not a bandwagon fan.  And of course, it’s also great to see a team you’ve liked when it was bad finally developing into a good team.

So it’s a pleasure to see the hawks perform so well this season, and I’ll be thrilled to watch them play in the winter classic this afternoon. The fact that Christobl Huet, the only French player in the league, and one of my favourite player when he was in Montreal, now plays for Chicago only makes it better.

Happy new year everyone!

(for great pics of the Chicago stadium, and many other old stadiums, go there)

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