Will the party go on?

Wow, I feel like a genius. Like I predicted, Montreal finally reacted and played a very good game against Philly. The habs seem to be at their best when they play good teams this season. D’Agostini continues to impress. The kid is speedy, he can score, and he makes very few mistakes. Kovalev had another goal, which let habs fans everywhere hope that he is finally getting back on track. Halak seemed a bit shaky, but did the job. Komisarek came back,  played a good game and even got an assist. And most importantly, Montreal showed a lot of hunger. They were battling for the puck in all areas of the rink, and their speed was back.

So yesterday, it was party time for habs fans around the world.


Kovalev scored, tra la la!

african-danceFlyers suck, Oh I believe I can fly!


This D’Agostini kid makes me feel WILD!

oktoberfestOlé olé olé olé


Now tonight, back to business. The sabres are coming to town. They are pretty inconsistent these days, but they just blanked the kings, so I suppose they’re hot.

Koivu and A. Kostitsyn won’t play tonight. Price is near to returning, but the habs won’t rush him, so Halak will be in the nets. Maxwell, who was almost returned to Hamilton this week, will get another chance, because of these injuries. He doesn’t seem quite ready to make the jump to the nhl, but it’s a good thing for him to at least get a taste of what it’s like.

I just hope Montreal will play as hard as they did against the flyers. If they do, there is no reason to believe they can’t get two points out of this. I’m not expecting a low score thing tonight. For some reason, when Buffalo and Montreal play each other, it’s often exciting. Generally, those games are pretty fast paced and fun to watch.

Buffalo, boring? I don’t think so.



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