2 minutes for shooting oneself in the foot


Heeey Macarena!

Interference, hooking, slashing, tripping, tripping, hooking, boarding, hooking, holding the stick, tripping, and slashing.

That’s 11 penalties in a row for Montreal, including two or three 5 on 3. Let’s be clear, I’m not blaming the refs, I’m blaming the habs. It’s just ridiculous to be this indisciplined. I’ve not seen the game, but from what I’ve read this morning, Montreal actually played a good game. Carbo even said it was one of the best games the teams had played in a while. It makes the 11 penalties and the loss even harder to swallow.

The only good thing of the night: Kovy finally scored a goal. That’s not a lot to be happy about.


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