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A little announcement:

I’m going to Amsterdam for 3 days with some friends, so don’t expect any updates until sunday, at best. Hopefully, this will be a fun week-end, filled with laughs, museums, cheese, beer and substances-that-are-only-licit-in-Netherland. I can’t wait to be there.

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But as I don’t want to let you down, here are the Calgary game recap, and both of this weekend’s games previews.

Montreal played a vey good game versus Calgary, but it was kind of a phyrric victory (The Four Habs Fans said my blog was clever, so now I  have some standards to maintain…).

Higgins is hurt, but right now there is still no news on how bad it is. But he won’t be playing today, that’s for sure. Neither will Dandenault, who broke his arm tuesday, but was brave enough to actually stay on the ice to finish his shift.  Wow. Back in august, many fans and experts were expecting/hoping to see him traded because he seemingly had no place on the roster. I guess it’s now clearer why Gainey thought it was a good thing to have him around.

Those injuries mean that O’Byrne will get a spot back on the team. As for Latendresse, it’s still unclear if Carbo will dress him or Laraque on the fourth line. My guess is that he’ll play one of the two next games. He’d better be inspired by the play of D’Agostini, who’s been splendid since he arrived in Montreal. 4 goals and 1 assist in five games, this is a pretty good pace for a rookie. Habs also hope D’Agostini inspires Sergei Kost, who was back against Calgary. The young Belarussian is having a so-so year so far. It may be a sophomore slump, so he could rebound. What I like about him is his persistent glare. He always look like he’s pissed off when he’s on the ice.

To finish this recap, it’s good to see the Lang-Kovy-Tanguay line clicked tuesday night. Even if he still hasn’t scored, Kovy looks reall better hese days, and he contibutes in other areas of the game (he had two assists, and was good on the PK)


Now here are two quick picture previews of upcoming games.






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