Creative ways to improve scoring in the nhl

As you know, the nhl is fed up with goalies using huge pads to stop more pucks, so they’ve tried to implement new rules, reducing the size of the goalies equipment. I’m all for reducing the size of the pads, rather than increasing the size of the nets. I mean, I really wouldn’t want to see this :


But the new pads regulations don’t seem to be enough, because some goalies are still not allowing enough goals to get fans excited (this does not apply to Turco).

So Bettman and his friends have decided to push things a little further.

Here is the proposed new goalie equipment for next season:

georges-goalieBettman: “Ah! Let’s see how many shutouts they get now, those bastards!”

Seriously, Josh Gorges cracks me up. Just look at him…

Note: If you’re a Montreal fan, I know you’ve probably already seen this pic on Habs I/O.  I promise I won’t post pictures every time Gorges and Price do something funny during a practice, but that one was just too cool. I swear, I tried to resist, but I just couldn’t…


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