Cheer up, Dallas!


Dallas, this is for you

One year ago, I wouldn’t have cared at all about the Stars’ woes. Because you see, Dallas was never one of my favourite teams, to say the least. I clearly remember cheering against them during their two trips to the stanley cup finals (and that was before I even chose my own favourite nhl team)

But two things changed my mind. Firstly, I really like them during the playoffs last year. Then, I (virtually) met some really cool Dallas fans via Interchangeable Parts. Now I suspect someone in Dallas seriously messed up, and did something terribly wrong that must have really pissed off the Hockey Gods. Because the pain Stars fans have been inflicted since the beginning of the season is pretty unreal.

First, since last july, this is the poor fanbase which has to suffer the ignominy of cheering for Avery. Then, Turco decided hockey was much more fun in the 80s, when teams scored 7 goals a game. And he’s done everything he could to help us feeling like we’re back to the great times of Europe, Commodore 64 and shoulder pads. The Stars are dead last in the West, with a 6-9-3 record, on pace for a craptastic 68pts season. They traded away Boucher, a fan favourite, lost Brandon Combeen for nothing (picked by the Blues after he was waived), and now, Brenden Morrow, their best scorer last season, is out for six months. Well, well, well…

I feel bad for the Stars fans, and this message is for them: hang in there, and don’t forget, there’s always a bright side. So, here are five reasons to rejoice, Dallas fans:

1. Avery won’t get his name engraved on the cup this season.

2. You could be a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

3. You could be a fan of the Seattle Supersonics.

4. Be proud of your city, it gave the frozen margarita and the chicken fajita to the world.

5. Sing with me:


In habs related news, Komisarek is out for a month, because of the beating up Lucic inflicted him a week ago. As if losing badly 6 to 1 against Boston had not been enough. Speaking of the Bruins, Oh! they’re coming to Montreal tonight! Patrick Roy will also have his number retired tonight, so there should be a lot of emotion in the air. I really hope the habs will be able to rise to the occasion. They have to beat the bruins, to show them last week’s game was an aberration, and to get back on tracks. I would hate the to see the Bruins ruining Saint Patrick’s night.

Montreal didn’t play a pretty game in Ottawa, but they got two points out of it. They’re clearly not out of their funk yet. To me, the discussion about Carbonneau’s future with the habs is pure nonsense. The habs need to find back the hunger they had last year, when every expert had them finishing the season around the 13th row in the East. This season, virtually everyone had them fighting for the top spot. And they’re playing with a complacency that will not allow those predictions to happen. I think it’s a question of attitude at this point. And I think Carbonneau still has the tools to change this attitude.

I expect a very physical game tonight, as there’s already a lot of bad blood between those two teams. Laraque will most certainly be involved in at least a fight tonight, as he’s been criticised because he didn’t drop the gloves against Lucic last time.

Prediciton: I certainly can’t predict the bruins to win this one, because this would be a sacrilège. So I’ll go with a good 5-2 win for the bleu-blanc-rouge.


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