Habs secret plan revealed

Okay, well, it seems like I was completely off with my prediction… What a shitty game! I just watched the 2 first periods, but that was enough to know they wouldn’t get a W last night. Just like last year in the playoffs, Biron arrived in Montreal with bad numbers, but looked like Luongo against the canadiens.

The habs seemed to have plenty of chances in the first period, including several power plays, but were never really dangerous. By the way, it now sure seems like Streit played indeed an important part in last year’s great PP numbers. This year, habs PP ranks 20th in the nhl. Hum, that sucks.

Laraqu’em sock’em did destroy a flyer early in the first, probably to answer his critics, and try to wake up his teammates, but that was really not enough. As the game went on, you could just feel the flyers would calmly score one or two goals, and control the game. Which they did. As I said, I haven’t seen the third period, but nothing changed.

Now, Montreal doesn’t look too good. After a good start of the season, they are really struggling now. But then of course, it could totally be part of a grand strategy. They are maybe just trying to suck enough so that when they will inevitably all be voted into the all star game, the rest of the league will be left in a state of shock, wondering if Tanguay is really better than Ovechkin, Malkin and Crosby. This is probably just a Machiavellian plan to demoralize all the stars of the 29 other teams at once. I can already see Gainey and Carbo devising this in the secret cave underneath the bell center, and laughing hysterically… Now that’s brilliant, Bob!

The Bobcave underneath the Bell center

So tonight, they’re playing in Saint Louis. The blues seemed pretty good early in october, but they’re struggling too now. I think they may be having the same plan than Bob. They just forgot to tell their fans to stuff the ballot vote. What a mistake.

Prediction: 3-1 habs.


In other news, Melrose was canned. Yes, we all know that. But it’s sad his original approach to coaching did not get rewarded. He apparently tried to sing all his instructions to his players this year.


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