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Siiigh   3 comments

Pierre Gauthier: “Monsieur Gorges needs knee surgery, he will be out for the season.”





And finally, on a different note, I haven’t had time to say it here, but I wish you all a fabulous year, with lots of fun (which might not be hockey related), success and happiness (which will probably not be hockey related…)!

Happy 2011!


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He fooled us all   3 comments

I think I made an important discovery.

As you know, Josh Gorges was hit in the head by a slapshot fired by Mike Green yesterday. He layed motionless on the ice for a few very scary moments. And he finally got up and retreated to the dressing room, aided by the team doctors. His head was bleeding pretty badly.

But what did we learn today? Josh Gorges is skating with his teammates as if nothing happened.

Hmmmm. This is strange.

There is only one logical explanation:

Josh Gorges is, in fact, a robot.

Josh, without his human disguise

If you think about it, it really makes sense. Bob Gainey, being the astute GM that he is… err… was, immediately understood that the young Carey Price, a lonely Western goaltender unprepared for the hardness of Montreal, and upon whom rested the hopes of the franchise, would need help. Even better, he would need a friend. Josh Gorges was born. He immediately became Carey’s best buddy and accomplished his task faultlessly.

He fooled us all…

And finally, it took a slapshot no human being could have recovered from this easily to understand his secret… The old man who was called on the ice yesterday to help the team doctor was not a doctor. He was probably the engineer that built our little robot. And what we thought was blood was certainly oil, or some other hydraulic fluid.

Wow. It really makes you wonder if there are other robots around the league. Thinking about it, I think Sean Avery must be some sort of robot whose circuits are defective. There is no other explanation for his erratic behavior…

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I’m sorry. I know I should write much more often these days, because the habs seem to play almost every single night, and those are the most crucial games of the season. But I feel completely lazy, and rather uninspired. I know it’s lame, but I’m just being honest here! I have decided to simply enjoy the ride. The habs are playing good hockey. They have a good chance to make the playoffs. I’m not sure this is the time to overanalyze everything. Or at least, I don’t feel like it.

But let’s speak a bit about this last week of the season. The last 3 days have not been good for the habs. The losses of Schneider AND Markov, at this point of the season really sucks. I was not really expecting a win yesterday, because I felt the team was likely to be a bit shaked by the bad news. It’s sad they couldn’t get at least a point, but that’s okay. This was the game they had in hand on the pens, the rangers and the panthers. With 3 games to go, including one versus the rangers, and one versus the pens, the hab are fully in control of their destiny.

I expect them to make the playofs, hopefully with the 7th seed. I’d rather see the caps than the bruins or the devils in the first round. Not that it would be easier, but I’d just be more excited. I don’t want to face the bruins right now, especially without Markov and Schneider. I never want to face the devils. So a series with Ovie sounds more fun. Also, a series with Theodore returning to Montreal to face the habs has a lot of comedic potential.

monty-python-godOne of the Hockey Gods: “Hmmm, what did you just say, Grrrreg?”


Dear Hockey Gods,

Please note that I am NOT picking my favorite playoffs opponent here, an attitude that I know very well You frown upon. I am merely expressing my hope to see Montreal play a certain team, because they’re fun to watch, not because I’m a cocky habs fan that needs to be punished for his arrogance. I am therefore praying You not to punish the habs for this. (Well, You have already been pretty harsh with them anyway, but still, please don’t make it even worse!)

Yours faithfully,


PS. If You want to cruelly punish a certain team from NY which hired back a certain agitator whose name rhymes with “Sean Every”, I’m totally fine with that. Just sayin’

*bows down*

monty-python-godHmmm, yeah… we’ll see. But keep on bowing down.


Oh, and I’m late on this, but our now top 2 defenseman Josh Gorges scored against Toronto, so the pic of Curious Gorges returns!


Now bring on the Rangers!

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Quick notes!   4 comments

I’m really sorry about the lack of updates on the blog, but I’m completely overwhelmed with work these days, and unfortunately it shouldn’t really get better until next week… Also, I’ll be travelling to Brussels from wednesday to friday, which means I will probably miss all the fun of the trade deadline. Damn!

It’s frustrating, because the habs are doing good, and I’d love to have time to finally write some positive things, after this terrible month!

shark-wilsonDoug Wilson, Sharks GM

Here are just some quick notes:

- Halak is saving his teammates asses these days. He is doing exactly what the team needs: giving the habs a chance to win every night while they are slowly improving their overall play and finding their mojo back.

- Komisarek is struggling. Badly. Pessimistic point of view: it hurts the team. Optimistic point of view: he’s making sure the habs won’t overpay him when (or if??) they sign him this summer.

- The PP works again. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

- Habs get badly outshot day in, day out. Thanks to Halak, it didn’t matter so far, but this has to stop.

- Good luck in Dallas, Begin! I haven’t had a chance to say it before, but I really liked you. You really seem like a nice guy. I’m glad you ended up in Dallas, though, it could really have been worse. I’m sure Myra and Patty (among others) will help you feel welcome in Texas!

- Welcome to Montreal, Metropolit. I don’t really know you, but I like your name. That’s a good start…

- I feel like a genius, because I had a strong feeling this team could turn things around before their upcoming long stretch of home games in march. If they don’t mess up this week during their short road trip, things will begin to look good.

- I don’t really know what to expect for the trade deadline. I’m not sure Gainey should really trade half the farm for a rental player or two. I’d be excited by someone like Olli Jokinen, but I don’t really know if he’s available or what it would cost to get him. Other than that, I’m not too thrilled by Guerin, Bouwmeester (he’d be awfully expensive, and I don’t think Gainey will do this after he got Schneider anyway), Pronger (ugh!) or Gaborik. And I’m not holding my breath thinking about Lecavalier…

And finally…


Gorges scored yesterday, so the Curious Georges picture is back!

Forget Lecavalier, we have Gorges.   1 comment

Who needs a Vinny, when you have a Josh Gorges, really?

Here are tonight’s offensive lines:

A. Kostitsyn-Higgins-Kostopoulos


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It hurts   2 comments


I feel like this bunny

What a depressing weekend… I’m not shocked by the sunday loss, and I can live with it. Even I can admit the Bruins are better than the habs right now, and Montreal is still trying to get out of its slump. So I think I could have been happy ok with an encouraging losing effort. And well, that’s pretty much what it was actually. Montreal certainly didn’t look completely dominated. The habs and the bruins played a very close game. Montreal got some scoring chances, and they never quit. Of course, the fact that Boston efficiently shut out the habs offense during most of the game was frustrating. But I really could have lived with this. Boston is the class of the East this season, and as much as it pains me, they deserve their first place.

But of course, this loss was really bad for two other reasons.

The most obvious one is the injuries suffered by Lang and Latendresse. Lats could miss a month. And Lang’s season is over. This is a huge blow. Nobody really expected this when Gainey signed him after he couldn’t land Sundin, but Lang had been one of the best habs this season, if not the best one. He was of course the scoring leader of the team, but his contribution was much more important than that. His perpetual communicative smile revealed a great enthusiasm. As a 38 years old soon to be UFA, this may very well have been his last game as a hab. And maybe even his last game in the nhl. Lang deserves a better exit. His absence leaves a big hole at center. I’m not really looking forward to see the habs going into the playoffs with only Koivu, Plekanec (who’s having a really ugly season), Lapierre and Chipchura. To make things even worse, it comes only one day after Gorges got injured after this now infamous Gauthier hit. Get well soon, Josh. The habs badly need you.

gorges down

Oh nooo, Gorges is down!

The other reason why this game hurt is the Kovalev situation. Alex was benched for almost the entire third period. Today, half the journalists in Montreal (and that’s a lot…) want his head on a pike in front of the Bell Center. And worse of all, there are those persisting rumors about an unspoken rivalry between Kovy and Koivu in the dressing room. Kovy supposedly wants to be the leader of the team. Proponents of this theory point that the team is struggling again since Koivu is back from his injury. And of course, bipolar as they are, many habs fans are now proclaiming their disdain for Kovalev, and can’t wait to see him leave as a free agent in the summer. Now this really pisses me off. Those are the same fans who massively voted Kovy in the All Star Game starting lineup, and who cheered wildly when he was named MVP of the ASG, a freaking week ago. I have no idea about what’s going on in the dressing room, so I won’t speculate about this supposed rivalry. I just hope it’s another example of the montreal media sensationalism. But if there’s any truth to this, the habs are in deep trouble.


Well, sorry this sounded so serious, I just didn’t feel like making jokes today… It’s hard not to be a bit depressed, or at least frustrated about the situation. I don’t live in Montreal, so it was maybe easier for me not to get caught in the idea that the habs are bound to win the cup for their centennial. But still. The season was very promising. Not so much anymore. I’m still convinced Montreal will make the postseason. But an early exit now looks like a distinct possibility. I want to make clear that I’m not throwing in the towel. It would be completely stupid to give up on them now, because it’s only early february, and so many things can change until the playoffs. Every team gets through tough times at some point in the season. It looks like it’s now for Montreal. They have plenty of time to turn things around, and get healthy for the playoffs.

(one last word: the suicidal bunny picture comes from the great Book of Bunny Suicides, just in case you don’t know it yet. It’s really funny)

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man_weepsMoi, ce matin


habs-vs-devils-crosse-gant-fantomeBrisebois fait disparaître son bras droit. Les Devils ont super peur.



Gorges: 1 but


helmet-nuzzleUn petit “helmet-nuzzle” pour Katebits


83387868JM017_ANAHEIM_DUCKSEt pour finir, un petit hommage à Yann Danis.

Les blessures des gardiens des Islanders lui donnent enfin une chance de jouer un peu dans la LNH. Sa première victoire dans la ligue depuis novembre 2005, et ses 39 arrêts d’hier soir me font plaisir.


Après ces deux défaites, la coupure pour le match des étoiles ne pourra sans doute pas faire de mal à Montréal. La semaine prochaine, Higgins devrait pouvoir à nouveau jouer. Peut-être que le week-end prolongé et ces retours vont faire du bien à l’équipe, qui a l’air d’avoir besoin de souffler. Espérons aussi que les 4 représentants du CH et Carbo profitent bien du match des étoiles, et qu’ils en reviennent avec un peu d’enthousiasme à communiquer aux autres joueurs.

Habs dodge a bullet   1 comment


Two good periods, a shitty third, an ugly OT, and a nice shootout. That’s another two points, so I guess I can’t complain too much. Well, I don’t really know what to think of this.

The two first periods were really good. Lang is on fire, and his work with the Tits brothers is unreal. This line is working like a charm. Lang got two great assists, Andrei scored another PP goal. The brothers seem to really enjoy playing together, and it’s a treat to watch.

The Lapierre-Kostopoulos-Latendresse line is also very impressive. Lapierre is having an incredible season. He’s full of confidence right now, and is probably the most improved player of the team. And his two linemates are benefiting a lot from Lapierre’s play. Kostopoulos brings a lot of energy, and Latendresse really clicks with Lapierre.

Finally, it was good to see Greg Stewart contributing, with a nice pass to set up D’agostini’s goal in the second period.

habs-vs-senators-19preview1Lapierre being awesome

But then the third period came, and things began to look bad.

A lack of grit and aggressiveness, some dubious defensive plays, and the momentum shifted right away. The Kostopoulos goal could have killed the game for Montreal. But the habs let the sens to come back quickly. Then it became more and more obvious that Ottawa would tie the game.

In spite of almost 2 minutes of PP, the habs were even worst during the OT. At this point, I was only hoping for the shootout.

The defense was shaky yesterday. Bouillon and Brisebois had a very rough night. I don’t want to be too harsh on Brisebois. He’s a veteran with a lot of experience, he has a great attitude, and is obviously thrilled to play for this team. But he was simply bad yesterday.

This game showed glaringly that what the habs need is first and foremost a defenseman, not a star forward. Obviously, any team could use a Lecavalier, but that’s not the primary need of this team. The difficultes of the habs this season pretty much coincided with the absence of Komisarek. Gorges is playing really great, and everyone who reads this blog knows how much I love this guy, but he’s not an elite defenseman. At least not yet. An injury to Markov or Komisarek would be a huge blow to the habs come playoff time.

Halak played another very good game. He really deserves this W, and can’t be blamed for the third period collapse. I think he deserves a lot of credit for the points the habs are piling up in the absence of a lot of key players. His strong play really allows Montreal to wait until Price is completely healthy. There is clearly no need to rush him back.

I said I did not really know what to do with this game, because there are two ways to see it. On the one hand, the habs found the resources to win a road game where the momentum had completely shifted away from them. And once again, it’s two points for a team missing a lot of key players. But on the other hand, it’s annoying to watch the habs once again play only two good periods of hockey, and barely escape with the two points.

However, given their current record over the last month (11-2-1), it’s hard not to give the habs the benefit of the doubt.

gorges-scores(I forgot to post it after the Nashville game. Gorges, 1A)

Merci Montréal!   1 comment


De retour après noël, les Canadiens ont fait un joli cadeau à leurs partisans: une victoire à Pittsburgh.

Bien sûr, les deux héros du match ont été Andrei Kostitsyn et Carey Price. Andrei a marqué les trois buts du Tricolore, et Price a été plus que solide, notamment en troisième période, quand il a fallu protéger l’avance d’un but de son équipe face aux Pingouins.

gorges-scoresGorges: 1 assist

En ce qui concerne Andrei, il faisait son retour sur la glace, et on ne peut qu’être satisfait, bien sûr. Au passage, sur deux de ses buts, il a bénéficié de très bonnes passes de Plekanec depuis l’arrière des buts de Fleury. Si les Canadiens veulent aller loin cette année, ils auront absolument besoin que Plekanec et Andrei Kost jouent au moins aussi bien que l’an dernier. Leur réveil est donc une excellente nouvelle.

Concernant Price, il a encore sorti une grosse performance hier. Le premier but des pingouins est malchanceux, puisque le puck lui rebondit dans le dos après un tir non cadré de Dupuis. Mais sur le reste du match, il n’a pas grand chose à se reprocher. Même s’ils ont des difficultés ces temps ci, les pens restent une des meilleures équipes de la ligue. Impressionnant devant, et toujours solide derrière, malgré l’absence de Gonchar. Le fait que Price et sa défense aient tenu le coup face à cette équipe, à Pittsburgh, est un bon signe. Encore une fois, le Canadien a bien joué (et gagné) contre une grosse équipe.


Price sème la terreur à Pittsburgh


Les habs sont maintenant lancés dans leur traditionnel voyage en Floride entre noël et le nouvel an. Cette série de matchs à l’extérieur, qui s’achèvera avec un déplacement dans le New Jersey le 2 janvier, est vraiment cruciale. La saison dernière, c’est à ce moment que les Canadiens ont vraiment décollé, après un mois de décembre mitigé. Après un voyage plutôt fructueux, pendant lequel Montréal avait amassé 8 points sur 12 possibles et remporté deux victoires en Floride, le mois de janvier avait été vraiment bon.

Il faut espérer que Montréal négocie aussi bien cette phase importante de la saison cette année.

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Joyeux Noël!   Leave a comment


(I didn’t even need to photoshop Gorges into that one, he’s already in the lower left hand corner)

You already know what’s #1 on the Canadiens fans wish list Bob, right?

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