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Pierre Gauthier: “Monsieur Gorges needs knee surgery, he will be out for the season.”





And finally, on a different note, I haven’t had time to say it here, but I wish you all a fabulous year, with lots of fun (which might not be hockey related), success and happiness (which will probably not be hockey related…)!

Happy 2011!


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3 responses to “Siiigh

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  1. I know! That broke my heart! I read someone said his knee has been messed up since 2003. That’s crazy.

  2. Yeah I read that today, that’s insane. If I had seen this before posting, I would have made a photoshop of Gorges as a robot or something. And that’s the same guy who didn’t miss a practice after blocking a slapshot with the back of his head last season. He’s unbelievable.

  3. Seriously, an ACL tear since 2003? That’s just… ouch. Oh Gorges, you fool.

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