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Tomas Plekanec – Montreal – 48,749 votes, 12th among forwards

PK Subban – Montreal – 41,268 votes, 9th among defencemen

Carey Price – Montreal – 71,199 votes, first among goalies

So I thought I’d post this right now, before everyone in the hockey blogosphere does:

Waaaaaaaaaaah, Price, Plekanec and Subban don’t deserve to get spots for the All Star game! Especially Subban, he’s lacking respeeeeeeect! Waaaaaaaaaaaaah habs fans are stuffing the ballot again! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, this is so stupid, oh my god habs fans are making a disgrace out of this…. Booooo! Hiss!

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4 responses to “Pre-emptive outraged post

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  1. Yay.

  2. I liked PK before, but the fact that he’s got Mike Richards all pissy makes me want to vote 400 times for him. So that’s what I’ll be doing today.

    I fell asleep during the Sabres/Habs game (too much holiday craziness) but I’m voting for Carey Price’s mustache to go to the All-Star game too.

  3. Yeah, I should blog about this actually, I’m more and more annoyed at what I read about PK. But the whole Richards episode was hilarious. I hate Richards so much.

    And I think I like Spacho’s mustache even more. Spacho and Eller are turning into my fave habs these days, partly based on how they answer their interviews. I love those two guys.

  4. Since we ve got over a month of voting left perhaps that Montreal Canadiens stranglehold on the starting positions in the Eastern Conference is in jeopardy. Select TeamAnaheim Ducks 36 Atlanta Thrashers 41 Boston Bruins 70 Buffalo Sabres 38 Carolina Hurricanes 32 Calgary Flames 44 Chicago Blackhawks 60 Columbus Blue Jackets 42 Colorado Avalanche 42 Dallas Stars 42 Detroit Red Wings 63 Edmonton Oilers 45 Florida Panthers 41 Los Angeles Kings 49 Minnesota Wild 30 Montreal Canadiens 61 Nashville Predators 34 New Jersey Devils 44 New York Islanders 59 New York Rangers 67 Ottawa Senators 48 Philadelphia Flyers 67 Phoenix Coyotes 41 Pittsburgh Penguins 77 San Jose Sharks 48 St.

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