The complaint of the lonely Buffaslug   2 comments

The new season is almost there. As every year, some teams have made a few changes in their logos and/or uniforms. Among them, the Buffalo Sabres, who recently introduced their new set of jerseys. As you can see, they’re going for a “traditional” look.

Of course, someone had to pay a cruel price for those changes.

The infamous Buffaslug is being pushed aside after only a few years of service. Poor slug, look how he’s sad…

Fortunately, an old friend is there to comfort him.

It’s good to see that in the cruel world of discarded sports logos, there is a still sense of solidarity.

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2 responses to “The complaint of the lonely Buffaslug

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  1. LOL.

    Someone needs to tell the NHL jersey designers that just because it’s retro, that doesn’t make it cool! So many hideous “throwbacks”. Throw it back! What about honouring the time-tested tradition of ditching ugly jerseys?!

  2. That “Buffalo” script reminds me of a circus for some reason…

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