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So this morning the Stanley Cup was visiting Paris for the first time since forever. Cristobal Huet is the first French player to ever get his name engraved on the trophy. As every other member of his team, he got to spend 24 hours with the Cup. Yesterday night, he brought the Cup to Grenoble, his hometown. This morning, it was announced that he would bring the Cup under the Eiffel Tower for some pictures and autographs, starting at 9:30am.

I don’t live really close to the Eiffel Tower, so I only arrived at 10.

The Eiffel Tower was definitely there.


Those crappy plastic souvenirs are the only shiny stuff I saw under the Eiffel Tower this morning.

I talked with some habs fans that were still around. They explained to me that Huet was there with the Cup for a few minutes. Then they took the Cup back into its case and into the bus. Cristobal stayed a few more minutes to sign stuff, and went back inside the bus too. So, the bus was still there, but I missed everything. The fans I talked to sounded pretty disappointed too. One of them was kind enough to give me one of the few autographed pictures he collected. So this wasn’t a complete waste of my time, I guess.

Cristobal under the Eiffel tower. Or at least, that’s what I could see.

(for  a better view – with moving pictures!- watch this cool video sent to me by Alexandre, an awesome reader who apparently woke up earlier than I did… Thank you Alexandre!)

Now I know that they have a tight schedule with the Cup. I know the trophy was headed to Sweden soon after its presentation in Paris. I realize it was probably useless to organize a huge stuff here, because no one knows what the Stanley Cup is. But there are some hockey fans out there. And not only the Canadian expats. It’s disappointing that the best they could do was a few minutes. I’m not blaming Huet because I missed the thing. I knew it was starting at 9:30am, and I wasn’t there. I’m the only one to blame for that. But the whole thing apparently lasted less than 15 minutes. I don’t care how tight the schedule is, that’s pretty ridiculous. It’s pretty clear this was not something for the fans, it was just made so that they could have nice pics of Huet with the Cup under the Eiffel Tower. Those pics (and videos) will definitely be posted on the nhl and the Hawks websites, and it will look cool. I’m just a little annoyed that the pics and videos apparently mattered more than the fans.

To be clear, I’m not blaming Huet. He’s a nice guy, and he did bring the cup to his hometown fans yesterday, raising money for a local children’s hospital in the process. That’s cool. The Parisian episode today was just a footnote on this visit with the Cup. But for fans like me, it kinda sucked to be that footnote. But well… you’re still one of my favourite hockey players, Cristo. And I sincerely hope you’ll find a way to get back to the nhl once your big contract is over.

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  1. That sucks that it was there for only a few mins. I know what you mean that it was basically done for a nice photo-op. That is ridiculous and not really fair to the fans… *stops before she goes into a full blown rant*

    If it makes you feel better, apparently the Stanley Cup arrived super late when it was supposed to go visit Stan Bowman. Something like it was supposed to arrive at 8 in the morning and it only got there at 5 in the afternoon.

    At least you’ve got a nice signed pic :) better than nothing!!

  2. Basically what EP said. I had assumed that it would be some kind of fan event, since the Eiffel Tower is easy to get to and has tons of space around it, as opposed to… most other places in Europe. It was a missed opportunity for all involved, I guess. Dommage.

  3. Yeah man.

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