Habs Summer Jobs: Brian Gionta   5 comments

Hey! Episode 2 of our summer series exploring the summer activities of the habs. Today, let’s see what Gio was up to this summer. Turns out he found a nice job overseas… I think Youppi hooked him up with that one. That orange guy sure has lots of connections.

Brian Gionta ~ World Cup Mascot

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5 responses to “Habs Summer Jobs: Brian Gionta

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  1. Whoa layout change and lots of content, I wasn’t paying attention.

  2. Yeah! This place needed something new!

  3. I saw Gio tonight at a charity hockey game the Amerks alumni had. He’s a fast little bugger! I think he’s speed and agility would make him the perfect mascot. :)

  4. Ooh speaking of the Amerks, I meant to ask you, mcguffers, what do you think of Randy Cunneyworth? He was hired to coach the Bulldogs. Should I be happy?

  5. Yes!!! Cunneyworth was there yesterday too. When the announcer got to the part about him being the new coach of the Bulldogs, the crowd playfully booed, but he’s a Rochester favorite. He raised the current generation of Sabres. We lost him when the Sabres broke up with the Amerks (he was technically their property). He also had to coach the few years when we were shared by the Florida Panthers and the Buffalo Sabres. Combined with the Rochester owners complete ridiculousness, any lesser coaches would have gone postal, but he’s a standup guy.

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