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Hey, Carcillo!


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  1. Damn nice blog about the habs! I saw many matches live at bell center not lately this season.

  2. I thought the Sabres drained me of any love for hockey this year, but I realized, I AM NOT READY FOR HOCKEY TO BE OVER!! Habs, for the love of all that is good in the world, win this fucking game you fuckers!! I fucking know you can!!

    (obscenity will prevail!!)

  3. There is a strong correlation between mcguffers’ swearing and the Habs winning.

  4. Ha Shan! It started last season when the Habs were in their major losing slump. I was on Interchangeable Parts and said “The fucking Habs are winning tonight. I can fucking feel it.” And they did! So now I save my f-bombs for when I have complete confidence in a win. Today is totally one of those days.

    (And yeah for scoring first!!)

  5. Until now. :(

    I hope the Flyers get swept.

  6. Sigh… Thanks for giving your best for the team mcguffers… Now

    I can’t wait for the Hawks to make these assholes and their fans cry. I’m not even sure I want them to get swept, I just want them to lose in the most painful way. Bitter? Of course! :P

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