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I’ve always liked the Mellon Arena (or Civic Arena, because it still sounds better than a random corporate name). It’s probably the best looking arena in the league, at least in my opinion. I love how unique and old and quirky it is. But tonight, the habs can close it for good. I won’t shed a tear if this ends up being the last game ever played in this venerable building.

The habs already have a miracle game 7 win against a supposedly better team behind them this season. It’s time to do it again. I’ll arrive in Montreal on sunday night, and I’ll spend the next two weeks in Quebec city and Montreal. This means there’s a chance I will directly experience the atmosphere of this crazy place during a conference final series. I don’t want to get my hopes too high because it will take yet another incredible performance to get there. But honestly, I’m really excited about this. No matter what, this has been the longest playoff run I’ve witnessed the Habs play. It’s been a great ride, and I loved every minute of it. But it’s not fucking over yet.





6 responses to “DO IT… Again!

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  1. I am so ready for this! This fucking Habs are winning tonight!! I fucking feel it!! (And seeing that it’s ridiculously cold here right now, that’s about all I feel.)

    I remember going to the Mellon Arena back when my aunt and uncle lived it Pittsburgh. I might even shed a tear when the Pens play their LAST game there tonight.

    I can’t believe I have to wait 7 hours…

  2. I love when you say that fucking sentence. :D

    I will probably do the same thing that seemed to work so far: maybe watch the beginning of the game, then go to bed, download the game in the morning and stay away from the internet tomorrow until I have a chance to watch it. So I probably won’t know who won until tomorrow evening. I wonder how I’ll survive till then…

  3. It’ll talk every ounce of refrain to not post anything here until you find out! After the last game 7, I was tempted to write “There’s always next year!” just to be a jackass. :D

  4. Just stay up and watch it! It’ll be worth it!

    Ooh, can I ask on what business you’ll be visiting la belle province? I will be in Montreal on the May 23 weekend.

  5. GILL’S PLAYING!!!!!!

  6. And I agree with Shan! Stay up!

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