Mellon Arena and the Infinite Sadness   6 comments

I love this album.

I wish I could have posted this picture after a win, but hopefully the Habs will have another chance to close out the Mellon. They need to survive tomorrow.

I hope Gill is not too seriously hurt. He’s been awesome in the playoffs so far. The injuries are really starting to take their toll on the Habs. Contrary to the Pens, where apparently players suffering season ending injuries can come back after missing a game or two. I’m not wishing harm on anyone, and I guess that’s good if Staal isn’t as seriously hurt as announced, but frankly, it is annoying to see their guy coming back so soon after a supoosedly terrible injury when our guy is still out. But anyway, enough whining.

Yesterday I liked what I saw. Of course they lost, and they will face yet another elimination game. But they created chances to score. With a few lucky bounces, this game goes to OT. The habs really need to stay away from the penalty box though. The Pens are making them pay every time something is called, and it’s killing Montreal. That might very well be the ultimate difference in this series. Surprisingly enough, Montreal leads Pittsburgh 7-6 when playing  5 on 5 in this series. But the Pens also scored 7 PP goals, compared to 3 for the Habs.

This is still a close series. Winning two in a row is going to be tough. Pittsburgh has probably more killer instinct than Washington, so this Game 6 is pretty worrying. But the habs still have their chances, and they have shown lots of resilience so far. It’s far from over yet.

Go habs go!

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6 responses to “Mellon Arena and the Infinite Sadness

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  1. the Pens have scored SEVEN PP goals? Ewww… I lost count after game one so… meh….

    And how do we know that the Staal playing was Jordan? They could have inserted another Staalclone and nobody would know the difference!

  2. Hmm, maybe you’re onto something here. The Staals may have a hidden bionic hockey clones factory somewhere near Thunder Bay…

  3. Alright, I’m ready for this tonight! These fuckers needed to lose one game just so when they take the series, they give the Pens fans the satisfaction of saying goodbye to their team in the Melon arena just like they let the Caps fans say goodbye at home. Because the Habs may be a lot of things, but inconsiderate is just not one of them.

  4. Ahahaha, yeah you’re so right. They are very polite and want to give their opponent a last chance to grab some cash with an extra home game!

  5. I realize we’ve been depending on Gill quite a bit during the playoffs, but did someone forget to tell Bergeron that Crosby should be covered?

  6. Fortunately, someone told PK! :)

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