Game 3   5 comments

They’re coming, and they’re not happy.

But we have a simple answer:

Boom Shak Halak Ah!

Do the Shack Halak Halak!

No need to tell you how big this game is. Can the habs actually take a lead in this series, or will the Pens regain their home ice advantage? The Habs have been way better on the road than in the Bell Centre so far in these playoffs. Sure they won a crucial game 6 in Montreal. But when they were not directly playing to survive, they were less than impressive in their arena. As always in Montreal, the crowd will be LOUD tonight. And as always, scoring first will be huge. It will put the pressure on Pittsburgh and pump up the crowd even more. I’m not always very comfortable with Martin’s game plan in these playoffs (try to score first, trap to death, rely on Halak, pray for a lucky break and score a killer goal late in the game on a goalie that hasn’t seen the puck in 15 minutes), but it’s been very effective so far, and honestly, I’m not sure the habs can afford to play very differently against teams like Washington or Pittsburgh. But  after all the Habs did win Game 2 after allowing the Pens to score first, so there is hope.

To be honest, I really wasn’t expecting much in this series. The habs have a history of playing forgettable 2nd rounds when they pull an upset in round 1. And they face the freaking pens. But Game 2 really gave me some hopes again. This team is not your usual habs team. It’s way too soon to tell if they can actually pull another big upset, but it looks like they won’t be eliminated without fighting.

If they win tonight, those tiny hopes will start to seriously grow.


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5 responses to “Game 3

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  1. I think the Habs are going to win tonight because they want me to beat Iain in the Frisby bowl.

    (I will also be picturing those two penguins tonight every time I have to look at Malkin and Crosby)

  2. That’s an excellent reason for them to win. I’m glad your faith in the habs is paying off in the Frisby Bowl! :)

    And those penguins look menacing but they’re about to be stopped by the Halak wall and then crushed by the Cammalleri Express.

  3. These bastards better win tonight! I realize they probably lost a lot of revenue last year with the Centenial and getting swept, but we don’t need to make every series last 7 games. Sheesh.

  4. Ahaha, yeah, well if they could at least make sure this one goes at least to 6 games, I’d take that. :)

  5. Well, there you go! At least 6! These games are going to give me a heart condition.

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