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  1. Turn the eagle upside-down.

  2. DONE. Thanks for the advice!

  3. *grumbles*

  4. I’ve decided I can’t watch any more hockey this round.

  5. Why do you people (EP, mcguffers) have to turn the playoffs into reason for an emotional crisis? The Canadiens and Sabres, respectively, may be detrimental to your health, but you might miss something great!

  6. Because I really haven’t enjoyed watching the Sabres this year. I’ve missed a bunch of games for work and/or school, but the ones I have seen have been all about Ryan Miller. I honestly think the Sabres are overrated this year. We’re lucky enough to have an amazing goalie, a hot young defenseman, and a few players with some heart. Other than that, I’ve watched a team that is getting paid a lot of money to play a sport they don’t seem to like. I’ve watched these guys for two years complain about how badly they wanted to make the playoffs, and now they’re in it and they’re going to let the Bruins bully them out. I excused their lackluster play this year thinking that once April comes, they’ll play their hearts out. Instead they’re playing with no heart.

    I know this all sounds terribly pessimistic, and I know I’ll be in front of the tv tomorrow night screaming for someone to decapitate Boychuk, but today I’m tired of them. Today the Sabres are that crappy, unemployed boyfriend who sits on your couch all day playing video games.

  7. Okay, fine, hate on the Sabres if you must, but don’t throw me and all crappy gaming boyfriends under the bus with them!

  8. Ahahaha!

    Well honestly Shan, it’s tough not to get irrationally emotional during the playoffs. I know I’m like this too. I was ridiculously high after game 1, foolishly hopeful during game 2, crushed after game 2, unreasonably hopeful again before game 3, bummed after game 3, and now I feel resignation coming in.
    But if the habs somehow win the game today, I’ll have all sorts of crazy hopes again!

    If the Caps win the remaining of the series, we’ll have 5 months to wonder what might have been if the habs had won Game 2. I don’t want this…

  9. I withdraw my emotional crisis comment. The Canadiens make me want to cry.

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