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So that’s it. I loooooooved those olympic games so much.

I’m feeling a little nostalgic and hungover today. What an amazing last night that was. We will still talk about that gold medal game in 20 years from now. That was a special moment for hockey fans all around the world, and I’m really happy I could watch it on my tv,  at a reasonable time, chatting with another (very anxious) hockey fan.

The images of Canadians celebrating everywhere after the win reminded me of the France football world cup win in 1998. Winning a major tournament of your national sport in a dramatic fashion, against a great team, at home, is unbelievable. 1998 was 12 years ago already, but I’ll never forget that summer night, and it still feels just like it was yesterday. The whole country was celebrating at the same time. I’ve never seen anything like it. I assume many Canadians will feel the same way 12 years from now about last night.

As for the Americans, I have to say they were never my favorite team during that tournament. I actually consistently rooted against them. But I have to say they had an unbelievable tournament. I would never have thought they would come this close to win gold. Major congratulations to them and Brian Burke. I was really happy for Canada yesterday, but the images of Miller and Parise during the medals ceremony were sad. But that’s sport.

But there’s one thing I hope will remain from those games: I hope most people now agree that NHLers should keep on playing in the Olympics. I hope no one is still complaining because the NHL had to stop for 2 weeks to allow this.  If you would rather have watched games between Columbus, Florida, Calgary or Atlanta instead of this, I can’t help you. Yesterday’s game was a fantastic showcase of hockey on the world stage. That game was talked about everywhere, including in France, where hockey is never seen on tv normally. Look at the atmosphere yesterday and over the last 15 days, look at the fans, and look at the players. They were all thrilled to be in Vancouver. Snubbing the Sochi games would be a terrible move by the NHL.

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  1. I think the NHL’s consideration of keeping its players out of the Olympics all comes down to money. I suspect they want to make the World Cup of Hockey the big-ticket item. It would be a terrible move. At least Ovechkin and others have asserted their desire to play no matter what the NHL does. I think in the end, the NHL will decide to participate in the Olympics again. And yes, it was great.

  2. I’m glad we agree on this! It’s true that the Olympics in Sochi probably won’t attract as much attention in North America (the time difference will be a factor), but I hope Bettman and the NHLPA can find an agreement on this when they renegociate the CBA.

  3. I want Ovie to participate in Sochi. Period. End. Of. Story.

    Canadians still remember Salt Lake City in 2002. Not going to forget that one yesterday’s game =)

    Eternal Pessimist
  4. As for the Americans, I have to say they were never my favorite team during that tournament. I actually consistently rooted against them.

    We get that a lot.

  5. EP, usually “Period.” isn’t followed by more words. :P

  6. mcguffers: “We get that a lot.”


  7. Shan – shhhhh :D

    mcguffers – if it’s any consolation… if I was either a Sabres fan and/or a American, I would be a huge Miller fan….

  8. Aww, I’m sorry mcguffers… I’m not especially into antiamericanism, but when it comes to sports, I have to say… I’m rarely on your side! :/

  9. I have to say, having Miller makes it easier to be both a Sabres fan and an American :D

    It’s okay, Grrrreg. I can’t say I’m often rooting for French teams either!

    So Go Habs! and we’ll agree to disagree about everything else. (ESPECIALLY curling!)

  10. Curling is weird :/ every Olympics I learn all the rules, get really into it (starting in about the semifinals) and then immediately afterwards I hate it..

  11. This is actually the first time I’ve watched curling. (I just learned it’s on ice. Seriously. I thought it was played on a really slick floor surface.) *pauses* I’m really not representing the USA favorably here am I? :)

    I honestly can’t believe the Sabres first game back is against Sidney Crosby and his detestable Penguins.

  12. Uh yeah, curling… uh ANYWAY, back to the NHL now! :)

    I haven’t missed the habs at all during those two weeks. But there’s a game against the Bruins. That should help me getting interested again!

  13. Seriously? That’s hilarious and sad at the same time. Stupid Penguins =/

    And stupid Booins too…. I don’t want to go back to NHL hockey D: D:

  14. I really haven’t missed NHL hockey at all either. I blame it on the Habs and Sabres not playing very motivational hockey right now, but it’s also because I LOVE the Olympics. I get pretty sentimental about athletes doing their best for their country and not some million dollar salary. (well, besides the commercial spokesperson deals…) But watching the Bruins and Penguins lose tonight might be a nice way to move into March hockey. Suck it, Chara. :)

  15. Thank you, Habs. That was quite pleasant.

  16. Wooohooooo! I’m all abaout the habs again!!
    Just kidding. But yeah, that was nice!

    And apparently, D’Ags is gone to Saint Louis, for… Aaron Palushaj. Alriiiiiiight. Welcome to Hamilton, Aaron. :)

  17. Pfft I missed all the goals because they were boring me to death and I went to watch Lost instead :| (saw them later when RDS replayed the game at like…11).

    I wish I could remember if Palushaj played when the Hammies went to Peoria and sunk the Rivermen…. =/ Oh well… good luck to Dagger and welcome Palushaj who really needs a nickname!

  18. Hahaha, EP I was the opposite! I actually saw all the goals because I was flipping away from the Sabres. Then the Celtics took over the job of diverting me from watching the Penguins beat us.

  19. I would expect Palu to be his nickname… it’s got that family household name cuteness (like Shanu as I’m also known)

  20. I read that he was Max Pac’s roommate at Michigan. I find that thoroughly adorable. Maybe they can be the new Higgins and Komisarek. … With a better outcome.

    Speaking of trades, Brian Burke scares me. Seriously. What happens next year if the Leafs are… good?

  21. mcguffers – Brian Burke scared me when he said “I hope that Boston gets a good prospect out of the pick we gave them (for Kessel. They deserve to get full value for the trade.” UMMM EXCUSE ME? I don’t care if Burkie doesn’t give a damn about draft picks, but I will be very mad if the Leafs end up giving the Bruins a lottery pick. STUPID LEAFS D: D: D: D: Grrrrrrr… FIE ON THE LEAFS! FIE FIE FIE!

    Shan – Palu is cute. I’m going to call him Newbie though :D

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