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Hey, this blog is in celebration mode today!

As you know, it’s hockey day in Canada. But you may not know that it happens to be a special day here too.

Today is… “no-one-cares-about-hockey day” in France!

Woooooo! Join me and let’s celebrate this great event together.

This year, the city where all the action will take place is Paris!

Paris has proudly not given a shit about hockey for over a century now. It’s a thriving community of 2,203,817 people, boasting the very impressive number of 2 ice rinks. (I’m not kidding about this. There are really 2 ice rinks in Paris). To celebrate this tradition, the municipality announced yesterday that it had not planned any special event related to hockey today.

“We’ve been commited not to give a damn about hockey for decades, so we thought it would be appropriate for the city not to do anything today. We think it’s the perfect occasion to go see a soccer game or watch a movie! Our citizens have no clue what a tripping penalty is, or who Mario Lemieux is, and we are going to make sure that this tradition remains well-established in our proud city. Parisians deserve better than the sport of hockey, and this is what we’re going to give them.”

But members of the municipal opposition noted the discrepancy between the mayor’s rosy speech and reality: “The mayor claims to be doing nothing for hockey, but we have the regret to tell you that this is false. For over 3 years now, the Finals of the French Cup of hockey have been scheduled at Bercy, and have attracted over 12000 people every time. This is clearly a black mark on the mayor’s record.”

The mayor quickly dissmissed its critics. “Come on, this is a joke! Just look at our record. While cities like London and Stockholm have had to endure the embarrassment of hosting NHL regular season games, we have always made sure to stay away from those events. And this is not about to change!”

But it’s not the time for petty political controversies, my friends. Let’s simply enjoy the fact that today, just like yesterday and tomorrow, hockey won’t matter in this beautiful country!

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24 responses to “Let’s celebrate!

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  1. awwwwwwww poor France! I think Canada will have to send over a pile of hockey missionaries :D You guys sent over all your religious people in the 17th century so now it’s our turn to return the favor.

    And if you weren’t off eating cake, I’d totally invite you to celebrate Hockey Day with us…… it better be good cake!

    And hey, I just noticed you have a little links boxy thingy for the HAMMIES and the Cycs! :D

  2. Yes, the cake was good!

    Yep I revamped the blog a little bit. I almost moved your blog to the Hammies section… :P I also changed the “moi moi moi” page a bit, and I added an archives page too. Maybe I’ll change other stuff in the coming days. I’m a little bored with the look of the blog, I’d like some change!

  3. This makes Cristobal Huet sad!

  4. Yeah, people don’t know what to call my blog…… it’s all over the place these days :D

    Your blog looks good! Dont’ change it! (yes, this is coming from someone who changes her blog almost weekly).

  5. I think it reflects poorly on me that I initially assumed that both EP and macguffers were male.

    LOL I wish I was in France yesterday. HNIC’s gushily sentimental stories about how hockey “brings people together” were starting to make me sick.

  6. Sorry, that was me.

  7. Ahaha, don’t assume anything, there are so many female hockey bloggers that you’re bound to make mistakes!

  8. Haha, it’s okay! I’ve done that before too with other people. Actually, I had someone on Twitter think I was a guy for the longest time. It was only on the day before we met up at a tweetup that he realized that I wasn’t a guy at all. It was a little awkward :D :D

  9. Which one is yours EP? “The Notwithstanding Clause”?

  10. No, EP31 writes “Winter of (dis)Content“.

    The Notwithstanding Clause” is Number31′s blog.

    It’s confusing with all those 31s, but you can’t go wrong anyway, both blogs are great! ;)

  11. Hahaha, it’s probably because despite my best efforts to act refined, I was raised with a bunch of boys so I have the mouth of a trucker. :D

  12. I keep thinking the link to my blog is already in this little posting post thingy but apparently I keep forgetting to put it in……

    Also…….. mcguffers is not a guy either………..?

  13. I move that all female bloggers must henceforth type in pink to avoid confusion.

  14. Woo!

  15. Pink didn’t work =p

  16. It should work! (the html is a little complicated though!)

    But well if pink doesn’t want to work, you girls should use more little hearts in your comments: <3 <3 That would definitely help! ;)

  17. Nah, hearts are more of a Greg thing.


  18. Wait, what?!

  19. Ewwww,I’ll drop the gloves with any person who even THINKS about making me write in pink :D

    And is that what <3 is supposed to be? A heart? I seriously had no idea what the hell that was…. :D

  20. haha EP, I can picture you sitting there thinking “What do you mean you’re less than 3 Habs?”

  21. LOL!!!!!!!

    Seriously, I got the context in which people were using it but I had idea what it was supposed to be :D

  22. Ahahahaha!! It took me forever to figure out the <3 thing. I always thought it looked like a bird's face.

    Maybe we should do introductions like at alcoholics anonymous meetings. "My name is Mcguffers. I like the Sabres and Habs. And… I'm …. a girl!"

  23. I’m not very good with smileys, but yeah, for some reason the <3 made sense to me!

    The habsoholics anonymous meetings is a great suggestion, mcguffers.

  24. Habsoholics Anonymous!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeee!! Me likes!!

    Yeah, I always thought the “3″ was supposed to be a mouth or something and I’m like “where the hell are the eyes in this stupid thing?”.. =/

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