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Watch out Carey!

Ugh, I just wrote an entire post, and firefox crashed at the moment I hit the publish button. Xdjhvâzbfrikzqxsdjkfsdtakerp!

Anyway, here is what I recall I just wrote.

Poor Habs. This is getting a little sad. Another game, another disappointment. They started awfully yesterday. Then there was the Price/Janssen incident. I loved it. For the record, I think it’s ok to bump into a goalie when he’s far away from his net (of course, I’m saying “bump”, I’m not saying “absolutely destroy him along the boards”). But then I also think it’s fair for the player doing this to expect to be jumped by half the goalie’s teammates. I don’t think what Janssen did was that terrible. He was coming fast to play the puck, and I don’t think he really could avoid Price. Price also had to know what was coming. But I loved Carey’s reaction anyway. His “he’s mine!” attitude when he dropped his gloves and tried to pull Hamrlik to get a piece of Janssen was memorable. Too bad the refs didn’t let Conklin go down the ice to get into this!

Unfortunately, this is probably the only thing we’ll remember about that game.

There aren’t many positives right now. Pouliot keeps on scoring. His line with Gio and Gomez is really working. Gomez isn’t worth all the money he’s paid, as we always knew, but he’s doing an ok job I think. And Cammalleri is having a nice little season. Other than that…

Sure, it’s nice that they got a point out of this, but this kind of effort probably won’t be enough to make the playoffs. It’s going to take a great finish to end in the 8 first spots. The habs are still a .500 team, with exactly 51 points in 51 games. They probably need around 40 more points in their last 31 games to make it. I’m not sure they have it in them.

It’s frustrating, because once more, it looks like a lost season. Not good enough to make the playoffs (or to have a serious chance, if they make it), but not bad enough to end up with a good draft pick. That’s the curse of mediocre teams. This is why the Panthers never really improve. They’re always stuck between the 8th and 12th spots. And it means you’re also stuck at the trade deadline. The habs can’t really be buyers (or at least I don’t think they should) because it’s not worth it. But they can’t really be sellers either. That would be officially giving up on the season, which is something Gainey probably can’t afford to do in the last year of his contract as a GM.

I know it’s too soon to throw the towel, because 31 games is still a lot. Maybe the habs will surprise everyone and prove me wrong. I hope they do.

But well, if they don’t, I guess we still have our fun Bulldogs to watch!

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  1. Speaking of Hammies, I think I was the only one who was cheering super loudly for Darche! Poor Darche.

    And Carey wanting to take on Janssen was stupid (he’d get his face destroyed) but I totally commend the effort. Carey should have been allowed to punch out Conklin though :D That would have been a more fair fight *nods*

  2. Congrats on you cheering for Darche! But well I don’t think he would complain too much right now. He’s in Montreal, and with Laraque now out, he’s got a real chance to stick there for a little while if he’s good.

    Agreed on Carey/Conklin. I wish we could have had a goalie fight…

  3. I guess we’ll just have to live with youtube videos of Emery beating up Biron. Man, I love that goalie fight…. =p

  4. yeah, that was really a classic! I love how Emery fought another player right after he beat up Biron… Highly entertaining.

  5. Yeah, everyone feels the same way about the Habs, I think. They’re headed nowhere. Unless some big changes happen, this decade doesn’t look promising.

  6. What, the 2010s? Well, I think it’s early to tell, but yeah, the next few seasons are not overly promising. Although the Sabres really turned things around this season with roughly the same team that didn’t make the playoffs last season. So there’s hope!

  7. So with Laraque gone is Price going to be our new enforcer? :D

  8. I think so! I hope he won’t follow Laraque’s code, though. :P

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