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Could you please pick one of those and help me gouge my eyes out?

The habs played a revolting game last night. Disgusting. Putrid. Vile. Vomit-inducing. Absolutely everything you don’t want to see in a hockey game was there.

A 2 goals lead blowed on the road against a direct opponent in the standings? check

A complete meltdown and lack of effort after 20 minutes? check

Allowing a second SH goal in two nights? check

Sean Fucking Avery disturbing you, fighting one of your defenseman and taunting you afterwards without retribution? check

Allowing 6 goals from the Rangers, who hadn’t scored in their last  147 minutes at the Madison Square Garden? check

Allowing a PP goal from the fucking Rangers who were 0 for 28 in their last PP attempts? check

Hearing the freaking Rangers announcers rave about how great the Rangers were playing while all I could see was how pathetic the habs were? check (Seriously, any team would have crushed the Habs yesterday night. The Rangers really shouldn’t get too cocky because of that win.)

Getting the sarcastic ole ole ole chant from Rangers fans? check (I’m not blaming them for that, I love the ole ole ole chant because it pisses everyone else, so of course when things turn bad we’ll hear it. But it still sucks.)

That was absolutely pathetic, and I’m fucking pissed. It’s not a good sign when all I’m hoping for during the last 20 minutes of a game is to see Laraque come out of the bench to punch any guy from the other team in the face. I’m not a fights lover at all, but I seriously wished the habs had turned this into a fucking goon show last night.

Lately, I had somehow forgotten how annoying the Rangers could be. Thanks for last night, Montreal, now I hate the Rangers again with all my heart.

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  1. You know it’s bad when he created a tag that says “gratuitous use of the word “f*cking””……..

    Yeah, that was awful…… *sighs*

  2. Yeah I’ve calmed down now.
    And I feel bad because I said I was hoping for a goon show just before I saw Cormier nearly killed the guy from the Remparts… :/

  3. It was terrible. This team is terrible. The Canadiens are like the Florida Panthers.

  4. Those are some pretty vicious looking forks. In France, is the food still half-alive on your plate?

  5. Ahaha normally no… well except for oysters!
    I’ve no idea what half of those forks are for, though.

  6. I turned the game off after the Avery/Gorges fight. I’m a pretty easy going, non violent person, but I think if I ever saw Sean Avery in person, I’d punch him in the face. I’d also like to punch Elisha Cuthbert in the face for making him relevant outside of the hockey world.

  7. I’d gladly punch Avery in the face too (with my visor on of course, as I’m still soft and European).

    Other people in the nhl I would like to punch:
    - Shawn Thornton
    - Tim Thomas
    - Jason Blake
    - Phil Kessel
    - Jake Edwards
    - Darcy Tucker
    - half the Flyers bench
    - Alexander Semin

    There are a few other, but I can’t think of other names right now.

    Of course they would all kick my ass easily (well, maybe not Semin). So in reality, I’d probably just smile and curse them in my mind. But the sentiment is here!

  8. - Chris Neil

    I’d also like to punch Patrick Kaleta right now. Yes, I know he’s a Sabre, but that kid has the most annoying goal celebrations ever. Worse than Ovie. “Rolling the dice”? Seriously. It’s embarrassing.

  9. Ooh, Kaleta is definitely a good choice too. I like the Sabres, but I wish they could send him to Philly or another hateful team.

    And Neil too, yeah. I just didn’t want to mention all the agitators because then there’s also Ruutu, Carcillo, Downie… It’s a looong list!

  10. I’d like to punch out all the Puffles (Penguins). Particularly Puffy (Crysob). The rest of Canada would probably come after me with pitchforks though…

    And how come you want to punch Semin? Poor Alex!

    I also want to punch out the entire Leafs bench.. except maybe Vesa. Better leave the faily goalie alive.

    OH and I want to punch out Alexander Salak. GUH.

  11. I don’t know. Semin was particularly annoying the last time he faced Montreal. He just irks me, so he’s on my hit list now!

  12. Suuuure pick on the one guy who can’t actually fight LOL :D

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