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France Télévision, le groupe public de chaînes qui va diffuser les Jeux Olympiques de Vancouver en France, a annoncé qui allait être le spécialiste recruté pour commenter le tournoi de hockey.

Attention les yeux

Aaaahahahahahaahahhahahahaaahahhahahahahaaa! Oh mon dieu…

Alors là ça va être inoubliable.

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4 responses to “On va rire

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  1. Qui est-il?

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roch_Voisine

    Il semble d’etre quelqu’un d’insignifiant. Peut-etre au Quebec, les gens lui connaissent.

  3. I don’t even know how famous he really is in Quebec, but he’s a big star in France and in French speaking countries. Err, I should say he WAS a big star. He’s basically the french speaking Bryan Adams. He had one HUGE hit in the late 80s, he was really really famous during the 90s, and since then, he’s one of the first things people in France think of when you mention Canada. Well him, Celine Dion, hockey, lumberjacks and maple syrup.

    Anyway, I found it pretty hilarious that they picked him instead of someone with an actual hockey journalism background (and with the games being in Vancouver, I’m sure they could have found someone knowing hockey and speaking French pretty easily). They say that he knows hockey very well because he played until he was 24 and was almost a prospect at some point, but seriously, “almost being a prospect” is a little laughable.

    It’ll definitely attract a little attention on the hockey tournament though. I think it’s very telling about the status of hockey in France anyway.

  4. Eh…….? I feel like I should know who this guy is, but I don’t…. Poor France. We can give you Benoit Brunet if you’d like :D

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