Consistency   8 comments

- too many stupid penalties? check

- flat in the first period (because of the penalties)? check

- badly outshot again? check

Well, at least the habs are consistent.

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8 responses to “Consistency

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  1. Ouch… =/

  2. Yeah, this post was the result of me waking up and checking the game score and highlights before I took my coffee. Not a great idea. But then I opened the curtains and found out there was snow everywhere. So I immediately forgot everything about hockey and I started running around in my tiny apartment like a kid. :)

  3. Well, I’m glad you got snow at least! We do too, but I’m kind of over it. It’s really cold and apparently despite the 154,678 inches of annual snowfall here, Buffalo doesn’t plow. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me, but Keanu Reeves is filming a movie here and the subway is shut down for two days, so I had to drive. Eck. And the Habs lost. And the Sabres lost.

    Other than that I’m having a great day!! :D

  4. Wow mcguffers, that sucks, I’m sorry! :/ At least the Rangers and the Leafs lost…
    Here, we have not enough snow for it to be a real pain. The only time I shovelled snow in my life was when I spent a year in Montreal… I don’t think I know a single person who even owns a snow shovel here.
    And we’re rarely bothered by Keanu Reeves! :P

  5. WHOOOOO SNOW!!! =)

    @mcguffers awww, I’m sorry Keanu Reeves is ruining your day D:

  6. Keanu Reeves is shooting a movie in Buffalo? Is this another post-apocalyptic flick?

  7. Keanu is shooting a romantic comedy about a toll booth collector that gets falsely accused of robbing a bank. They’re currently doing some night shots in Niagara Falls (US side) where it’s -10°C so I think he’s getting his payback for screwing up my trip to class. Plus it was totally worth it to hear my professor say, “We’ll delay class for a few more minutes because I know Keanu Reeves is messing up transportation today.” It’s helping local economy though, so I shouldn’t complain. :)

  8. Buffalo is the reason why Keanu is sad.

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