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While the habs are busy playing .500 hockey, there are some other guys that need some recognition. The Hamilton Bulldogs. They’re having a great season, and their recent streak is very very impressive.

There’s one guy in particular who needs major props among the Bulldogs: Cedrick Desjardins. The young goalie is having an unbelievable month.

He allowed only 2 goals over the last 7 games (although he played only part of two of those games). Here are his numbers over that stretch:

Save %: ,985
Goals against average: 0,344
Shutouts: 3

If he hadn’t allowed a goal last wednesday, he would have had 4 shutouts in a row.

Just incredible.

IMG_0359(picture taken by EP)

Following the Bulldogs is a little more complicated for me than following the Habs, because I can rarely see them play, and staying up that late to listen to a radio feed is a little too much. But the few times I’ve listened to them, I enjoyed it. It’s nice to read about them and to see them doing well, especially when the Habs are struggling. But now I’m starting to like the Bulldogs regardless of the Habs. I mean, at first I was happy when they were winning because it’s a good sign for the Habs’ future. But now I’m just happy for Hamilton.

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16 responses to “Pendant ce temps, à Hamilton…

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  1. This wasn’t that well publicised when it happened, and since the Gazette didn’t pick it up was just a novelty item. However, it may interest you as a big Dogs booster now:

  2. Oooh, I missed your blog post but I was aware of the story because EP posted the same quote from Guy Boucher. :)

  3. What’s this?! A HAMMIES POST? *squeals* Alright. One Habs fan converted to the Hammies down. 48763982176382163 more to go :D

    Teddy (Desjardins) has been absolutely fantastic lately. It’s been great especially since Sanford has been struggling a little bit recently.

  4. Yeah I blame you for getting me obsessed with another team, EP. :D

  5. Obsessed?!Eeeeeeee! Even better xP

  6. Hmm, “obsessed” was maybe a bit too much, but I still blame you!

  7. You’ll be obsessed soon. Just you wait!

    And don’t blame me! Blame Flandersdude and his awesome broadcasting skills of DOOM.

  8. Go Amerks!!!! :P

    I know everyone always talks about the speed/talent difference between an AHL and an NHL game, but having grown up in Rochester, I’ve always been partial to the Amerks. These guys are kids that are trying to prove themselves EVERY night because they’re fighting for a job in the NHL. Or they are older players who aren’t going anywhere, but give it their all because they love hockey.

    Plus, watching the Amerks skate around after winning a cup is a thrill the Sabres have yet to provide me with.

  9. Ewwww Amerks……..! =D

    I watch many different levels of hockey and for me the best thing is to watch a group of players who *care* and who try hard every night. I really get the impression that a lot of NHLers just don’t play with the same heart at times. I think in the AHL you get a lot more guys battling out there every night. Also it’s super nice that the Hammies don’t have a nutcase media frenzy around them xP

  10. Ooooooh that’s an EXCELLENT point! The lack of media frenzy is a great argument in favor of Hamilton!

  11. I really get the impression that a lot of NHLers just don’t play with the same heart at times.

    *cough* Derek Roy *cough*

  12. I was actually thinking of a couple of current Habs….

  13. Well, them too, but I never let an opportunity pass to call out Roy-z.

  14. Sweeeeeet!! The Brodeur’s not shutting down both of my teams, ha!!

  15. this link had a live broadcast of the hamilton vs hartford game last night – worth a look if you want to see more bulldogs games

  16. Thank you jl! I’m well aware of this site. It’s one of the ways I use to watch some habs games too… :)

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