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To begin with, just a word about the centennial game. It’s too late to do a full recap, so I’ll keep it short. I was very impressed with the ceremonies before the game. Sure, it was long and sometimes a bit over the top (erm erm Viggo Mortensen), but seriously, it’s 100 freaking years of History. It’s tough not to make a big fuss out of this.

As many other Habs fans pointed out too, their was only one thing missing: Saku Koivu. I think the Habs could have found a way to include him in the ceremonies. There was no way for him to be in the building, since the Ducks were playing that night too. But a message on the scoreboard would have been nice. I know it sounds like I’m nitpicking here, but well, it’s a little sad to overlook someone who’s tied for the longest captaincy in club history, and who was literally the face of the franchise for the last decade.

But other than that, it was a wonderful ceremony. I’m really glad I was able to see it live. It was a very special event, and it’s a night I’ll remember for a looong time, escpecially thanks to the result of the game that concluded the night. It was special to see this, and it made me really feel like I was part of the habs community. I know it’s a bit artificial, but it was a great feeling.

Hopefully, the first game of the second habs century was an indication that the Canadiens intend to keep on doing what they’ve done for 100 years: beat the Bruins and win more and more cups.


Here’s a little screencap from nhl.com, this morning:

Stay classy, Pittsburgh.


Yesterday there was no Habs game, but it was an important night nevertheless. It’s time for my annual Miss France election recap!

You were maybe not reading this blog last year, so let me explain you why I’m doing this. For a few years now, with some of my friends we’re doing a little prediction contest about this election. It’s a great occasion to have fun, drink, eat together and make tons of tasteless jokes about the poor contestants. We even have a small trophy that the winner has to put on display at his (or her) place until the next contest. And of course, the show itself is pretty hilarious to follow. It’s extremely cheesy, and no matter what they do to ‘rejuvenate’ the contest, well of course the whole concept feels really outdated.

There are a few things that almost never change about the Miss France contest:

- one contestant will fall in the stairs (we were very disappointed this year, not a single Miss fell on her ass)

- the guy counting the votes (I spoke about him on my Miss France 2009 post) will say that it’s a historical night in terms of voting figures

- at least two of the contestants representing French overseas departments or territories (usually from Guadeloupe, Martinique, Guyane, Tahiti or La Réunion) will make it to the final 12. (The producers want some exotism and diversity, and their presence will always boost the votes)

- Geneviève de Fontenay, the inimitable old lady that runs the Miss France organization will say she hopes the new Miss won’t appear in the tabloids during the year, and that she will stay elegant and classy. (This is because over the past few years, Geneviève has had to exclude some contestants whose old nude pictures resurfaced in magazines after the election)

Geneviève and Jean-Pierre Foucault, hosting the show

- one contestant will badly fail during the very short interview.

- one ugly Miss will somehow make it to the final 5.

Pretty much all of this happened last night. I wouldn’t miss this for anything.

Here is our newly elected Miss France 2010: Miss Normandy!

That’s it, see you next year for another Miss France recap…

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  1. Wow… she skinnier than Floppy Flambe o.O Maybe she should eat cupcakes? It works for Boring Marty xP

    I never watch these type of shows so I just end up poking fun at the ridiculously skinny people after :|

    And stay classy, Pittsburgh! =/

  2. Yeah, that photo makes her look really skinny… It didn’t look that bad on tv yesterday though. I only watch this for fun, I really don’t like beauty pageants otherwise. It’s just like Eurovision, it’s stupid and cheesy, but it’s fun if you watch it with a group of friends and poke fun at the contestants.

  3. Yeah, I think these things are better when you have a pile of friends. Maybe some drinking too… xP

  4. Oh yeah drinking is a requisite for sure! :P

  5. Does Geneviève always look like Boy George?

  6. Ahahahah! Well actually, yes she does! She ALWAYS wears a hat and this kind of black and white costume. She’s quite a character, and she’s very famous in France.

    She’s funny because she’s quite old school, even conservative (she always talks about class and she bluntly refuses to send Miss France to trashy tv shows) but at the same time, she openly supported far left candidates at the elections and says she hopes to see a girl with North African origins becoming Miss France before she leaves.

  7. So basically, she doesn’t want Miss France to be like Miss America? :)

    By the way, I think Josh Gorges’ twin brother just walked into the computer lab. I’m trying not to look like a creepy stalker, but this guy looks just like Gorges. Well, besides the fact he’s wearing a Sabres hat.

  8. Gorges’ bro isn’t really a Sabres fan. He’s an undercover agent of the Habs in Buffalo. The Habs want to finally understand the secret of Lindy Ruff’s system.

  9. Haha! The Sabres clearly don’t understand the secret of Lindy Ruff’s system, so why should the Habs?

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